The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 3 [Episode 22]

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As we continue our Ladies of Luxury battle of wits, Andy jumps into an assortment of Lisa bashing clips we all saw this season. Brandi tries to explain that Lisa’s employee, Scheana Marie, was brought around her as a setup. Lisa sharply denies this saying that production wanted Scheana Marie around, as she is a cast member of Vanderpump Rules. Lisa seems sympathetic to Brandi and what occurred years ago with her employee, but truly felt like Brandi was really passed this issue. She tries to defend her ethics of business and personal friendships. The bashing on Lisa continues when Andy brings up Kyle’s infamous “Bobby Fisher” comment at last years reunion. I don’t understand Kyle’s reasons for all her hostility towards Lisa. Whats happened and Kyle’s anger seemed quite off kilter to me. We all watched Kyle for many seasons talk about Lisa without her presence. Somehow, all of that isn’t an issue for Lisa. Tabloid-gate gets thrown into this chess game and Lisa flat out denies every saying to put the magazines,(in Brandi’s possession I might add) in the luggage.

Kyle’s blood pressure goes through the roof claiming Lisa never accepts an apology, holds on to the littlest of things, and for a cheating rumor about her husband. Kyle seemed to be so upset blaming Lisa for mentioning the rumor on national television. Kyle yells at Lisa that she damaged her life. Lisa did apologize and said she really meant to just address it as irrelevant and move on. It wasn’t like we weren’t going to see it at the checkout or on Twitter, but whatever. Kim, as expected, jumps in to defend Kyle without actually making a point. This battering ram continues on Lisa even after Lisa apologizes for bringing it up on camera more than once.

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As we move from one lady to the next, Lisa gets a schooling with Andy Cohen’s encouragement. I found it to be very uncomfortable watch the mud slinging. It is clear that Lisa doesn’t want anything from Kyle and says so to Andy. On the other hand Kyle wants many apologies and still won’t forgive anyway. It was strange to see Kyle and Brandi did a tag team on Lisa for every tiny thing including a mistress. Andy Cohen seemed to ride Lisa harder than I have ever seen before. It felt very “teacher of the class” as I watched this.

Andy then, brakes down the Brandi issues with Lisa, after all the same banter we hear Lisa make a valid point asking Brandi, “If you have all these grievance’s with me, then why do you want to be my friend”. Brandi, with tears in her eyes, says she doesn’t want Lisa to be friends with Scheana Marie ( flashback to high school). Jealously seeps from Brandi’s pores as she might have realized Lisa is a far greater friend than foe. This nightmare seems to go on and on until we hear the ladies are very unclear about their future friendship.


The husbands join the cast on stage as we see another montage of husband scenes from this season. We actually have a question about whether Carlton put a hex on Michael. Michael says he was very concerned about this “hex” and had his house blessed after his stomach aliment subsided. I found it laughable that the hex was given so much credit. Carlton responds to this by saying that kind of thing makes her want to clam up about her religion. The very few times Carlton did speak in this reunion, many times we found Yolanda slamming the door in her face and Kyle even calling her “wictchy-poo.”


Ken steps up the plate, apologizing to Yolanda and Kim trying to make things right. Seems as if Kens apology is accepted readily by both Yolanda and Kim. Yolanda after accepting the apology tries to claim that Ken did touch her on the arm, and Ken flat refuses it was anything of the sort. Andy asks Ken if he could ever let Brandi back into his life, and sadly Ken says at the moment no he can’t. Brandi seems to be brought to tears, claiming friendship abandonment. Seems like her tears for Ken work when Ken has to retract his comment due to not being able to watch a woman cry.


At the end of this reunion Andy goes around the circle and still see Kim pleased with where she is in her life. Brandi, still in tears, once again looks like a broken bird. Brandi makes a few mumbled comments of self-pity as if she was beat up all reunion like Lisa was. Lisa in the end, see’s Brandi crying and begins to tear up herself.

In the end this reunion as a whole left fans discouraged about the season and reunion as a whole. Seems to us that 2 parts out of 3 was about the manufactured and unforgiving digs of Lisa Vanderpump. All in all, this season has been interesting in a different way to say the least. After this, we all will see what makes for forgiveness. Diamonds may be forever, but friendships can fade in and out in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.



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