Dallas Recap: ‘Like Father, Like Son’ [Episode 6]

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 Dallas Cast[Photo: TNT]

After last week’s betrayal, it is ON! Sue Ellen accuses John Ross of being drunk on power. He accuses her of just being drunk. Bobby later asks John Ross to take it easy on his mother. No dice. Bobby and Christopher try to remind him that it was JR’s wish that they work together. As if John Ross cares. When Bobby informs John Ross that he’s divested his stock and has given it to Christopher, but will take an office at Ewing, John Ross calls Bobby a hypocrite.

Christopher wants Elena to tell him if there is news they can use against Nicolas Treviño. She tells him that she is getting to know him and thinks he’s clean. She flinches when she finds out Carlos Del Sol is looking into his identity. Elena warns Nicolas/Joaquin, but he feels safe because her parents never legally adopted him (still family, just saying) therefore he can’t be connected to her. Nicolas thinks they can turn Pamela and John Ross – dangling the arctic leases in front of him to gain his confidence. He falls for it and offers Nicolas a drink as they try to hash out a plan. Nicolas claims he’s tired of following Cliff’s agenda and John Ross offers to have more drinks with him after work. Elena pulls the same move with Pamela. Poor sad Pamela wants to invite Emma to a girls’ night out.

Emma is at SouthFork, brushing her horse’s coat, trying to work up a forced smile for Ann, and lying about dumping John Ross- all in a day’s work. Ann tells Emma she has more to offer a man than sex (poor foolish Ann). She also tells Emma that unlike her father and grandmother, her love is unconditional and comes without strings. If I didn’t know that Emma has a cold black pit where her heart should be, I would swear she felt bad.

Emma[Photo: TNT]

At Ewing, Bobby pulls a power move in essence telling Nicolas that he needs to play nice (as in help Ewing find the capital it needs) or prepare to have the Railroad Commission drop the hammer on Treviño Industries’ subsidiaries. Both Nicolas and I respond with shock that such an honorable man would make a threat like that. The difference is that I’m smiling and loving it. Nicolas is not.

Damned Candace! She shows up at the Omni Hotel bar, knowing John Ross will be there. A focused John Ross turns her away. He REALLY wants those artic drilling leases. John Ross sees on old friend, trust fund baby, Hunter McCabe – Carter McCabe’s grandson. McCabe is now stinking wealthy, having created highly successful video games. McCabe doesn’t want to fall into their families’ old vendettas. He wants to move forward. He’s made enough money to buy controlling interests in his grandfather’s company. This piques John Ross’ interests.

Girls’ night: Candace becomes part of the lady’s (and Emma’s) discussion of short skirts in the office. Elena notices that Pamela doesn’t seem too confident that John Ross would never cheat on her with Candace. She somehow misses Emma’s damn near meltdown at the thought of Jr. with another woman. Emma tells Pamela that John Ross would never cheat on her. Later we see Elena meeting a private detective at the stables (where are Christopher and Heather when you need them?) She wants the detective to monitor John Ross and Candace.

Speak of the hay riding devils, Christopher and Heather are in the stables making out the next morning when Bo comes along to tell he has to leave for a job and drops off “doodle bug”. Christopher offers to take DB with him, telling him it’s “Take A Kid To Work Day”. DB is excited. Christopher may not be thinking clearly. The Ewing office is an emotional mine field. That kid could end up needing therapy before quitting time.

Christopher Heather[Photo: TNT]

At the office, John Ross tells his mother that he and Pamela need her help in taking Ewing stock public. Promising that it’s truly over with Emma, Sue Ellen supports her son. His next move is to ask Nicolas to join him in taking Ewing public with an offer of 3 percent royalty of the arctic leases, no risk. So:

1. McCabe just happens to be at the bar that night, setting aside old family grudges.
2. He just happens to have controlling interests of his grandfather’s company.
3. Nicolas just happens to claim to want to break free of Cliff Barnes, that night.
4. I just happen to be the Queen of England (During slumber hours only, of course).

It’s hard to believe John Ross is this gullible. Thank goodness he’s pretty to look at.

Christopher brings DB back, asleep from the long busy day. He and Heather chat about Bo, her old life with him. Christopher offers to make sure they’re both ok. They realize that they’re not keeping the relationship casual, as they planned, and both are ok with it.

Back at Ewing, Candace puts on the infamous little blue dress and tells John Ross she’s leaving for the night. Instead, she gets undressed. Surprisingly, he turns her down telling her it will never happen, he’s a married man. Candace makes Sue Ellen, who has just stepped off the elevator; think an affair has taken place. Too bad Jr. doesn’t know that there is a camera in his office, planted by Elena’s detective, showing his innocence.

There it is! Nicolas tells Elena that they need to make John Ross think he’s in control and take the company from his after it goes public. The news of John Ross’ plans falls like a lead balloon. Sue Ellen, still smarting from seeing half-naked Candace, shocks John Ross by refusing to stand with him. If looks could kill..

The showdown between Mother and Son, at her place, is epic. Sue Ellen, feeling no pain, tells John Ross what she saw. He tells her he’s not his father and that she’s punishing him for his father’s actions. He says that she is too busy seeing ghosts to realize that she’s hurting him. Sue Ellen now blames John Ross and JR for her drinking. John Ross tells her he’s not responsible for what she’s done to herself, and walks out – calling Emma to meet him at the condo.

Sue Ellen John Ross[Photo: TNT]

Emma and John Ross argue, next. He wants the file on Judge Blackwell, she wants him – he is not amused or interested. She disrobes and he begins to undress. She tells him to not bother getting undressed and lays on the sofa. Tonight is all about what she wants. I do believe he understands, for the first time in his life, what it feels like to be used as a piece of meat. Just then, Elena receives video email showing John Ross and Emma together. When he’s done pleasing her, she tells him to go home and kiss his wife. Not with that mouth.

John Ross proves Sue Ellen right – he decides he’ll become the thing they expect, his father. He has pictures of the judge in “leisurely pursuit” and forces him to commit Sue Ellen for observation. Stumbling from the excessive drinking, she is barely able to answer the door. When she does, she learns that she’s being committed for psychiatric evaluation. John Ross tells the crew to ‘get her some help,’watching as his mother is driven away.

The look on the faces of Bobby, Ann, and Christopher is one of disbelief when they learn the shocking news. It’s done. John Ross will now vote Sue Ellen’s shares. Ewing is going public. This is revolting, and delicious, expected and still mind-blowing… wow.

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