EXCLUSIVE: Allison Dubois Tears Kyle Richards To Shreds on Twitter & Confirms Carlton Will NOT Be Coming Back!

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When Allison Dubois first graced our screens on The  at the now infamous, dinner party from hell, the viewers were in an uproar and wanted to know more about her.

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As we reported yesterday, Allison and witchie poo are friends. Many speculated this was the reason Carlton and Kyle’s friendship never blossomed. Fans assumed that Carlton came on the show with preconceived notions about Kyle. Carlton denied the accusation, further stating:

“I haven’t seen her since she moved a few years ago but as devastating as this may be for Kyle’s overinflated ego, she was never a topic of conversation for us” 

Still, that hasn’t stopped Allison from stirring the pot. On Monday, Allison took to her Twitter to share her opinion on the reunion and Kyle and Mauricio’s allege infidelity.

“When I met Carlton the first time, she was effervescent and so positive. When I met Kyle, she was arrogant, guarded, and wounded. I truly hope she finds happiness. She’ll argue she has, but it’s not true.”

Allison also fueled speculation that Carlton would not be returning to next season of the with the following tweet:

“I wish Kyle wasn’t such a name caller, witchy poo, really? She just proved Carlton’s point.So long RHOBH! No more Carlton,no reason to watch.”


“Kyle seems to habitually tear people down and then say she’s not intentionally offending people. She’s an Olympic back peddler. I don’t know why Kyle has a problem with Wiccan but has her own personal psychic. Both are rooted in spirituality.”




Allison also weighed in on the controversy about Mauricio’s infidelity, which Kyle has denied.


“The streets have been talking about Mauricio for years. The tabloids didn’t say anything new. The ‘lady’ doth protest too much.”



Allison Dubois

Allison Dubois

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