Yolanda Foster Thinks Her Husband Is A Blessing!


Yolanda Foster[Photo: Bravotv.com]

Yolanda Foster puts her claim to fame on a back burner to advocate her husband as “Husband of the Year.” Noted songwriter and producer, David Foster is being praised by Yolanda Foster because he found a doctor to treat her Lyme disease. Not only that, Yolanda did not hear one rumor that David Foster tried to step out on her while she was being treated for her condition, although his work keeps him miles and weeks away from home.

We can only assume, David does not only say he is a friend to Yolanda, he acts like one. Yolanda has convinced the world that David Foster is a dotting husband, a friend and a wonderful provider (not as good as Mohammed) nevertheless, he hasn’t traded her in for a younger model.


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