Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: ‘With Friends Like These’ [Episode 20]

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The episode picks up where last week’s explosive episode left off, Geritol Gregg Gregg Leakes and Old Man River Peter ready to throw blows. At the end of last week’s episode, the women rushed to the sounds of the men arguing. Nene immediately jumps into the heated dispute and calls Peter a BITCH! Everyone in the room is stunned and no one says a word, particularly Cynthia. Cynthia did not check her “friend” for humiliating her husband. Porsha commented in her talking head segment, “it’s crazy to call someone’s husband a bitch!” Nene takes total pleasure in embarrassing Peter and prances away while rolling her eyes and mocks Cynthia. “No public checking” must be a clause in Cynthia and Nene’s friend contact which Nene has rendered void. The next day, the group packs up and head back to the A-T-L.

Porsha’s Insane Demands

Opening night of Kandi’s production, “A Mother’s Love,” is quickly approaching and business partners (Kandi and Don Juan) discuss Porsha’s outrageous diva demands. The rest of the cast are on board except for the ex Mrs. Kordell Stewart!  Porsha is requesting her own dressing room, equal billing and an understudy. Porsha is the only “actor” in the play to have an understudy. Kandi better brace herself for the worst. We all know Porsha’s weave squeezes her brain and logical thinking is a struggle. The nerve of her to make such grand demands like she’s an accomplished star like Mariah Carey. Kandi quickly informs Porsha her demands won’t be met and the bewildered look on Porsha’s face is priceless. She’s a bit disappointed but is dedicated to the production. The show must go on!

Porsha Stewart[Photo:]


The Couples Discuss the Mex-i-loco Fall Out!

Peter and Cynthia go over the argument in Mexico and they are both clearly hurt by their fake long-term friends’ behavior. Cynthia said she hasn’t spoken to Nene since they left Mexico. Simultaneously, Nene and Gregg are discussing the confrontation. Nene and Gregg seem to think the incident was not a big deal, nothing worthy of ending a friendship over. PAUSE: In what universe does Nene and Gregg think calling your friend’s husband a bitch (on national TV) appropriate? Nene makes it a point to tell Gregg that Peter’s bickering (with the housewives) is making an impact on Cynthia — and her friendships then proceeds to say, Peter acts like a bitch. With friends like Nene, who needs enemies? Cynthia on the other hand, feels (the comment) was completely disrespectful and Nene crossed the line. Peter tells Cynthia she needs to address NeNe — he doesn’t want to be called a bitch again! Cynthia says, “right is right, and wrong is wrong. NeNe was wrong!” I have to agree with Cynthia on this one.

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Nene & Gregg Leakes[Photo:]


Kandi Gives Back

Kandi, Don Juan (Kandi’s manager) , Todd Tucker (Kandi’s fiance) and D. Woods (ex Danity Kane member) all pay Kandi’s alma mater, Tri-Cities High School a visit. The purpose of the visit is to pick two students to help in Kandi’s play, “A Mother’s Love.”  The Performing Arts High School is where Kandi and many other of her talented friends got their start. The principal surprises Kandi when he reunites her with her former Drama teacher, Mrs. Turner.  The two exchange a big hug and Kandi affectionately cries as she describes how Mrs. Turner  left a lasting impression on her life. It was a touching moment. I did feel bad for Mr. Loadholt, who was described as a previous teacher of Kandi, he was present but did not get a hug much less a “hello.” Hahahaha!

Kandi Burruss[Photo:]


Marlo and Kenya Spill The Tea

Marlo headed over to Kenya’s house bearing housewarming spirits for a night of shade and tea spilling! Kenya waste no time bringing Marlo up to speed about the Mexico trip. Kenya likes spending time with Marlo instead of her frenemie, Nene. Marlo asks, “Were they nice and sweet to you?” and Kenya responds “they were nice, nasty, phony.” Then the conversation moves onto babies and Kenya confesses that she is going to prepare for having a real baby by taking care of a doll for a week. The doorbell rings and it’s Kenya’s surprise guest, Susan Eply, Parent Coach. Susan delivers a pretend baby for Kenya to play mommy for a week. But it’s not like she has no baby experience, Kenya’s been a mother to her puppy for 7 years. As soon as the Parent Coach leaves, Kenya throws the baby in a chair and says “chile, you need to sit yo ass down over here!” 

Kenya Moore & Marlo Hampton[Photo:]

Funny Quote of the Night:
“I won’t name my child Apollo because I don’t want them to go to jail. I don’t want to name them Porsha because I want them to find the Unites States on the map and  I don’t want to name them Nene because I want the baby to be born with hair”~ Kenya Moore


The Couples Meet

Nene and Gregg meet Cynthia and Peter for dinner to sort out Nene’s “bitch” comment. You can cut the tension at the table with a knife. The discussion starts off very awkward. Nene explains she didn’t realize she called Peter a bitch and she wasn’t calling ‘him’ a bitch personally; she meant he was acting like a bitch. What’s the difference? As suspected, Cynthia was no “Billy bad ass” and sucked up to Nene. The couples were able to make amends. Nene apologized (shockingly) and says she was caught up in the moment. Nene apologizing, the world must be coming to an end. I didn’t know the word “apology” existed in her vocabulary. She must have received a call from “Dancing With The Stars”  that morning because her apology was as sincere as Kordellia Kordell trying to convince the viewers his marriage was authentic.

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Also in This Episode

Phaedra and Willie Watkins meet to discuss Phaedra’s future career as a fraudster mortician. Phaedra is about to become a big-time mortuary maven! The two discuss joining forces. Kenya and her lovely aunt go doll shopping for her pretend little-one! Her puppy, Velvet isn’t too excited about a new sister. Kandi rehearses some choreography for her play. It’s a pleasure to see the incomparable Eddie Levert of the O’Jays rehearse. Porsha is nowhere to be found in the dance studio but she’s definitely dancing! She went out with her friends and ended up getting a golf swing lesson in the club.



Stay tuned for the season finale next week.



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