Shameful Behavior: Gia Giudice Attends The Nick Kids’ Choice Awards While Her Parents Await Sentencing

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Gia Giudice

The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards occurred yesterday and celebrities (of all ages) came out to celebrate at USC’s Galen Center. The show is well known for their famous ‘orange carpet.’

Celebrities of the likes of Bella Thorne, Willow Shields, Josh Peck, Dan Schneider, Tia and Tamera Mowry graced the ‘orange carpet.’ Professionals who have artistic abilities which has earned them the right to walk the ‘orange carpet’ so why was Gia Giudice, daughter of convicted felon, Teresa Giudice, walking besides them and signing autographs?

Gia took to Twitter to share her experience at the award show. She attended the show with her friend, Lexi. The girls walked the orange carpet and signed autographs as if they were REAL celebrities. Both girls had on too much make-up and wore dresses that were inappropriate for 13 year old girls. They looked like 20 year old women. Gia’s friend, Lexi’s dress was so revealing in the chest area, we had to add a cover-up to the photo. Although reality TV may be the talk of the town in some circles, I refuse to accept “most” reality stars as true contributors to artistic entertainment.

Teresa Giudice, is a newly convicted felon and her decision to send Gia to Los Angeles to attend the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards shows a reckless disregard for our justice system and the American public. The wounds of her crimes are fresh and Teresa continues to pour salt in the wounds. The gall of that soul-less woman to spit in the faces of struggling Americans. Americans who are struggling to make ends meet and work for a living.

Gia Giudice

Gia Giudice

  Gia Giudice

Teresa’s kids must be drinking the same kool-aid as she is. Gia tweeted, she wanted to move to LA. on March 27th.

Gia Giudice

So sorry  to all the Teresa Giudice fans that think she’s innocent, fun-loving and quirky but in reality, she’s nothing more than a criminal and that reflection extends to her family as well.

I’m sick and tired of people acting like it’s no big deal that Teresa allowed her daughter, Gia, to attend the Nick Choice Awards. As we reported on Friday, Teresa may be bankrupt but she is not slowing down on the spending. Teresa is blowing throw all the banks money and the money of the people she stole goods/services from, at rapid speed.

Teresa Giudice is sending the public two direct messages “F*ck youse” and “Crime pays!”


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