[Photos] Kandi Burruss Bridal Shower!

Posted on Mar 29 2014 - 5:26pm by Avigail


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Kandi Burruss is one step closer to saying “I do.”  The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 37, gathered with her girlfriends today to celebrate her upcoming nuptials to fiancé, Todd Tucker. The wedding is set to air on Kandi and Todd’s Bravo wedding spin-off. A smiling Kandi and friends posted photos on Instagram of the celebration.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Tiny’s stylist Shekinah JoPhaedra Parks and Rasheeda Frost (Love & hip Hop Atlanta) were all in attendance. Phaedra and Kandi are close off screen  ho’s-of-a-feather friends and Phaedra will stand as a bridesmaid in the wedding.

“My girls Shekinah,  Phaedra, Rasheeda & Tiny were all giving me love today!” she wrote in one of the shots on her Instagram.

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It looks like Kandi and Todd are moving forward with their wedding plans despite Mama Joyce’s vehement objections to Kandi’s fiance, Todd.

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  • Marsbars09

    Congratulations to Kandi! It looks like she’s getting steps closer to walking down the aisle.
    I’m sorry, but I can’t stand Fake because she’s a fake, dirty, con artist like her husband.
    I wonder if Mama Joyce attended the shower?

    • She’s looks beautiful! So much better than when she first started the show. Do you remember that red roaster hair she use to sport? A hot mess! I responded to your email.

      • Marsbars09

        Yes, I remember her red rooster hairdo. LOL! Kandi’s fashion and hairstyles have really evolved over the seasons.

  • RealitySuxx

    Awwww…I’m so happy for her. She looks fabulous.

    • Me too. I think her and Todd make a cute couple. Glad she’s found happiness.

  • Birdie11

    Kandi looks fab, I wonder if she got a stylist…because she’s reeling in the tacky quite nicely. Phakedra looks overdone.

    • You know she had to hire a stylist and an entire glam squad to help her out. I remember that God-awful red rooster hair she use to sport. How dreadful.

  • Norrth

    Mama Joyce needs to find a nice dress and eat her misery. That woman is closer to a wedding than she’s ever been and she is not turning back now. Her mother should be celebrating with her and taking it for what it is – Kandi’s shot at happiness.

    • She’s too bitter and busy counting Kandi’s money to be happy. That old goat is a sad woman that will resort to any form of manipulation to tear Kandi and Todd apart. Misery likes company.

  • Jenb64

    Kandi looks the best that she has ever looked. Happiness agrees with her!

  • Bryan

    Uh that one on the end needs to SAY NO to stretch pants!!!!

    • In the above photo, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shekinah looks horrid!!

    • Babson_Chick

      that goes for both the “ends” in the one pic. Is that one of the left end wearing spurs?

      • Hey Babs! Happy Sunday!!!

        • Babson_Chick

          Happy Sunday to you Doc!! Am trying to catch up on the news – have been house sitting (yes the house is still standing).

          • Thank God for that!!! Enjoy your Sunday afternoon. It’s beautiful here.

          • Babson_Chick

            Perfect day here – no clouds, just beautiful sun. (had heavy rains yesterday).

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