RHOBH: Lisa Vanderpump Declares Her Friendship With Brandi Is Over!

Posted on Mar 28 2014 - 3:42pm by Avigail


brandi-glanville-lisa-vanderpump_0[Photo: Bravotv.com]

With the final installment of the RHOBH’s reunion on tap, Lisa Vanderpump is speaking out! Lisa has drawn the proverbial line in the sand and is declaring her friendship with Brandi Glanville permanently over. Done, dead, stick a fork in it, finished! Lisa had the following to say to Life & Style magazine recently:

“Too many things—too many nasty things—were said,” Lisa tells Life & Style. “Brandi has created so many lies. [Our friendship] is done. It was done six months ago.”

We all watched, Lisa and Brandi’s close friendship slowly deteriorate like meat rotting. Perhaps Brandi accusing Lisa and her husband Ken of covering up their allege bankruptcy and they once lived in the Valley. According to Lisa, all of Brandi’s claims are lies, may have been too much for the British housewife to handle.

Brandi has also taken issue with Lisa hiring SUR employee Scheana Marie, who had an affair with Brandi’s ex-husband Eddie Cibrian. Scheana has also denied that Lisa covered up the cheating scandal. “I don’t float information to my boss, like, ‘Five years ago I slept with this guy. Thought you should know,'” she said last month. “Brandi just sounds like an idiotic, petty person.”


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  • cutie pie

    scheana marie needs to learn that side pieces don’t get in last licks.

    as for the rest..don’t care.

    • WestCoastFeed

      Hi, cutie pie. I tried watching BH this year after boycotting it since the suicide. I am with you and fail to see how anyone can care about any of them. Besides it is obviously all so contrived and so petty.

      • cutie pie

        agree…you can tell none of these women are friends off camera..they have their own social circles.

        • Hopeful

          I began liking Lisa since the first season but when she struck up a friendship with Brandi, that was it for me. I saw through what Brandi was all about and knew that this “friendship” would bite Lisa in the you-know-what. I got a lot of backlash for my comments expressing my opinions. Also, I knew Yolanda was fake and she was trying to stay relevant from the beginning. Overall, I couldn’t help but keep liking Lisa and hoping that she would see through Brandi’s façade. It all but blew up in her face because she didn’t see it, it had to be practically spelled out for her. And that is what a true friend is all about, someone who can only see the best even in the worst. Brandi has lost a true friend but has she learned a valuable lesson, probably not. Luckily for Lisa, she will always rise above this and move on and learn a valuable lesson herself. I hope she comes back next season and they get rid of Brandi, Yolanda and Carlton.

  • Dave

    I hope they don’t mend their old friendship. It will only happen again. Lisa may not be perfect, none of us are, but she is the best person on that show. Her and Ken have been kind to everyone and have so much class. It is none of Brandi’s or anyone else business about bankruptcy or where they lived before. Yolanda and Kim need to stop whining about their kids, turtles and mind their own business. Yolanda has become quite the nosy, butt-in .troublemaker

  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    I don’t blame Lisa one bit for throwing that piece of trash in the bin where it belongs. Brandi has been the worst possible friend. And that she turned on the woman who is mostly responsible for any success she has is just beyond me. Truly.

    Brandi got a big head. She thought she could overthrow Lisa to become the favorite housewife.

    In fact, they should get rid of all these HO’s except Lisa–do a show centered on their lives, their three restaurants, and all the fabulous people they know with their gorgeous houses and wonderful parties.

    Brandi was always more OC Trash than BH.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Yes agreed that hooka should definitely go to the OC and eat all the bows off of Heather’s cakes and give Trashy Trampa a run in the mouth dept…and sleep with Eddie…

  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    Also–regarding the other ladies, while I’m here:

    marriage is in trouble and that played out in her behavior this season.
    She went from a confident, strong woman with class to a back-stabbing, petty,
    mean-girl BITCH and my guess is that her King is the reason for that. It
    must have just eaten her up to see all the other ladies with their men
    supporting their wives while she continually flew solo.

    As for Kim–I can’t stand another season of her fogged-out brain and watching
    her play medication BINGO to see what variety pops up for that day.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Just get rid of the mangy dog and then stop pretending you have arguments with each other and I might want to watch again.

  • Pinkie31

    And that’s all there is too say , I agree with every little word that she’s said. ^^^^

    • RonnieIsBack