Real Housewives of New York Recap: ‘Model Behavior’ [Episode 3]

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Last night’s episode picks up where last week left off, the Aviva and Carole ghostwriter fight!

Aviva and Carole voices have elevated and the ladies are now screaming at each other. Throwing out all kinds of mean jabs to convey their points.  Carole tells Aviva that she doesn’t criticizes the way she parents, which is the only job she’s ever had, so Aviva shouldn’t criticize her writing career. Aviva counters by telling Carole if she were pregnant, she would be nothing but supportive. Carole calls Aviva a “liar” and a “bitch.” Now is that how a professional writer/journalist communicates?


Aviva stands behind her point that Carole used a ghostwriter to write her first book. Carole is pissed off that Aviva would attack her credibility however isn’t that what Carole did initially to Aviva? Their fight spills into the party. Aviva says Carole is not a “well-wisher.” Carole calls Aviva a “psychopath.”  Carole grabs Aviva’s face and Aviva yells “Don’t touch me.”  Resorting to the physical illustrates a lack of intellectual ability to articulate your point. Bad move Carole.

Each lady goes to their respective corners of the ring for support and reassurance. Carole and Heather chat about what transpired. Carole claims Aviva is lying and is using bookgate to sell her book. Carole thinks Aviva is a stuck-up snobby bitch and an ill-mannered joke. But she’s not done, before she exits the party, the “professional” writer, approaches Aviva’s husband, Reid, to tell him “your wife is not a nice person.”  She’s still not done, her final “f*ck you” is when she told Harry,  Aviva’s ex-husband,  “Nice to meet you, I totally understand the divorce.”  Was any of that extra shade necessary?

The Day After
Heather and Ramona meet at Ramona’s apartment and of course Heather, Aviva’s  martyr, brings up bookgate. Heather inserts herself in bookgate drama and slams Aviva. Telling Ramona that Aviva’s behavior is slanderous and despicable. In their conversation, Ramona does not give Heather the time or day and quickly shuts her ass down! Good for you Ramona! Heather needs to mind her business and stay out of it. She’s really working double time to create a story line for herself this season.

Conveniently, Carole and her book editor, Barbara Jones, meet to work on edits for her new book, “The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating.” How convenient, the writer is showing the viewers, she’s a real writer. Suuuure you are Carole!  Carole brings up the ghostwriter accusation and Barbara doesn’t deny, confirm or says much besides “You have a ghostwriter, well that’s crazy.”I must say, if Carole truly wrote her own book and didn’t use a ghostwriter why would she care or give credence to Aviva’s claims? She admits it wasn’t her best moment, but at least it felt good to do a bit of screaming. Her need to constantly bring up the subject and need to prove she’s telling the truth and Aviva is the liar, seems desperate and are classic traits of a liar.

Sonja meets with a new intern to discuss intern duties. Sonja has figured out a way to run her household with free labor. Her interns have become an integral part of her story line. She says that wealthy families just send her their children so they can “learn from her mistakes.”

unnamed (1)[Photo:]

Aviva is having her book cover photo shoot in Central Park. Kristen pays her a visit on the shoot and naturally, bookgate is the topic of conversation. Kristen conveys that she has compassion for Carole and her “writing career.”  Aviva assures her that she too has writing experience, she attended law school and was an English major. Kristen tells Aviva that she thinks it’s jealously. Kristen is turning into a mini Heather. Slow your roll, newbie! It’s bad enough Heather inserted her big honker into bookgate, not you too!!!  Aviva diffuses the situation by changing the subject.

Ramona’s daughter Avery is getting ready for prom. Ramona is over the top ramotional about her baby leaving for college and growing up. Avery is the most important person in her life and losing her will be like losing an arm, she explains. She plans to drown her pain in Pinot Grigio and Xanax. I hope the Bravo cameras capture every bit of Pinot Singer buzzed!


Carole host a baby shower for a friend and all the ladies attend with the exception of Heather, who sends her husband and daughter in her place and Aviva, it’s obvious why she didn’t come.

Ramona and Carole talk to clear the air about bookgate. Ramona doesn’t want Carole to feel like she abandoned her at the housewarming party, but Carole admits she was upset. Ramona says she doesn’t want to be friends with Aviva if it means not being friends with Carole. Why is Ramona kissing Carole’s ass? That’s not like her to kiss up to anyone. Carole whines on about Aviva not respecting her and defamation of character blah blah blah. Ramona realizes that Carole has no man, no kids and work is all she has. Ramona hugs Carole and apologizes. Ramona apologizing is shocking! Again, why is she kissing Carole’s ass?

The Spartan Race

Kristen and her husband, Josh, and Heather and her husband, Jonathan are running a Spartan Race for Josh’s company. Kristen is nervous about the amount of people at the race and the 20-foot rope over a mud pit, but Heather and Josh assure her that they have her back. Josh promises to run the whole race with her. Their promises only lasts about the first leg of the race. As soon as Kristen starts falling behind, Josh, Heather and Jonathan leave her in the dust to compete with their fellow Spartans who came to compete.


Kristen struggles the whole way through and says this is the most difficult thing she’s ever done. Kristen is furious at Josh for leaving her behind. She says that she hated every second of the race, and it would have been nice for him to support her while she was there to support him and his company.


When it’s over, Josh tries to give Kristen a hug, she rejects him and Josh tells her to “man-up.” Kristen daaarling, this is a race not a social outing and the purpose was not to congregate, sing kumbaya and hold hands, it was to compete. Josh was a bit insensitive but I do see his point. Kristen daaarling, get in shape and get over it! Stop starving your cells of valuable nutrients and maybe you’ll have the strength and stamina to compete next time.

Stay tuned for next week with the return of the Countess, LuAnn de Lesseps!



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