Celebrity Apprentice 2014 Spoilers

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This week, Celebrity Apprentice began filming in NYC with some of the best, or at least most entertaining, celeb contestants from all walks of celebrity.

While the official list of contestants have not been announced. Some rumored celebrities were spotted filming. Brandi Glanville of RHOBH, Kenya Moore of RHOA, Kate Gosselin and Vivica Fox.

On Tuesday, March 25th, the show filmed their first competition at a  New York City eatery called “Pie Face.”

Brandi tweeted the following:

The fan who attended the event took the following photo of Brandi:


Below is the fan’s account of the Celebrity Apprentice “Pie Face” Event:

“Outside the venue, Pie Face had a couple of street dancers-ish people in pie face uniforms performing. Celebrity Apprentice production made all people fill out a waiver, then they took your pic and gave you a stamp to get in. The process was quick.

Once inside, Kate Gosselin greeted with a friendly “hello.” I made a beeline to Brandi, passing by Kenya Moore who said “hello” and hugged a fan, who was near me. Many people were around Brandi, who was at the first counter taking orders. Shawn Johnson was there with her giving people their pies. Many were getting pics with Brandi. I told her we had a $350 donation. She was excited!

A Kenya Moore fan asked me to take a pic of him and Brandi but he told Brandi,  he was buying his pie from Kenya. Brandi said “That’s great, it all goes to charity.”

When it was time to pay, Vivica Fox checked me out. Another girl was checking others out but I’m not sure who she was. Vivica said they were getting a steady flow of people. I wished her luck. The cameras captured all of it and were on us constantly.

Before I left, I stopped by Brandi, took a pic, she gave me a hug and thanked me.

Upon leaving,  there was a pie face cut out that fans could put  their face in and take photos. It was cute. Everyone seemed to be having fun.

The two pie flavors were berry and some chicken thing that sounded odd. I got berry. It was tasty.

The pies cost $10. Then you could have tipped whatever you wanted – which goes towards team members. At check out, they asked for your name and who you are supporting.”

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