The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2 [Episode 21]

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Our journey continues down the diamond studded rabbit hole as the women get into several issues. We touch base on the problems with Carlton, and Kyle. The clips of nasty comments all season are shown, and then immediately Kyle says she welcomed Carlton and David at the Chamber of Commerce event. Carlton agrees, but feels like the comments Kyle makes are said without any thought before it comes out of her mouth. Then out of nowhere we hear Kyle say Carlton came to the event at her house as a viewer of the show. Which confused this viewer when I heard the comment. Then predictably Kyle calls Carlton a liar, to which Carlton shouts back that Kyle is a Bigot.

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Kyle goes into the Pentagram debate, and says that it doesn’t seem like Carlton is proud of her religion. Kyle then actually says she knows what a Pentagram is because saw the same thing on “The Night Stalker”. All serial killers aside, Kyle continues to protest that her questions on Carlton’s religion wasn’t to be harmful, but to get to know her better. Carlton feels like her religion should not be the center of every conversation. Then Carlton explains her pain by the anti-semitic comment that Kyle made at Lisa’s dinner. These two sling the comments of being rude and unrelenting obsession about Carlton’s religion.

 Then we get a brief look into the life of the Beverly Hills child. We watch as kids graduate, move off to college, and the varied effects it has on these mothers. We then re-live the tearful Kim talk about missing her daughter that’s has gone off to college. We see a very positive parental experience from Yolanda’s point of view. This viewer found it odd that Kim even states what sorority her daughter is in. It didn’t seem like information she should be sharing with the world. But, hey that’s just my mothers instinct kicking in.

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Then the battle continues with Kim and Lisa. A replay of all the creepy scenes and interactions of these two play out and the hurt is shown as the scenes fade. Kim seems to have a great many resentments going back years towards Lisa. Lisa does try to handle her outburst with kid gloves, but that backfires and angers Kim even more. Brandi chimes in as Kyle gives glares of jealousy Lisa’s way. Kim claims that Lisa really has never been there for anyone in the group. Then tells Lisa, she is full of shit and that Lisa is a big liar. Kim claims she doesn’t remember Lisa ever calling her in 4 years. To which Lisa profusely denies. Then Andy brings up Kim calling Ken a grumpy old man. Brandi even jumps in saying Ken has a temper.(which I guess I must have missed). Lisa sits there listening to Kim talk badly about Ken, and finally Lisa tells Kim to stop talking shit about Ken when he isn’t there. We get into a very confusing conversation about the non attendance of Lisa and Kim to different events. It seems once again Lisa can’t please any of these women. Lisa gets berated by Kim and feels there is just something about Lisa she can’t click with. Not once did this viewer hear one word of thanks for the many times Lisa had stood up for Kim.

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Then the Brandi story line is examined with clips of her accolades this season. From man issues, a missing dog, family drama with her father, and girlfriend drama, this woman had her hands full this season juggling the drama. Brandi admits her father had health problems, and her landlord was suing her. Brandi confirms she was depressed, and Yolanda and Lisa try to be sensitive in their responses. Then Andy actually brings up the depression medication she is on, which was kinda odd.

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From depression to Brandi’s behavior, Kyle says that she thinks that Brandi does take things too far. Then the conversation morphs into a battle with Joyce and Brandi. Joyce thinks that Brandi does have a drinking problem right after Brandi claims to love her wine. Brandi cries victim to the paparazzi following her as a justification for her drinking. Joyce claims Brandi called these paparazzi herself, and then cries victim. Brandi claims this following from the media fell upon her shoulders because of her ex-husband and not the show, which clearly doesn’t make sense. When the media covers you and your on national television, then that explains why the media is following you around. Scandal and drama only magnifies this problem. Joyce feels like Brandi plays the victim card instead of use her platform for positivity, pointing out that there are single parents that have a hard time feeding their children. Brandi responds to Joyce saying that Joyce doesn’t know anything about depression. Joyce says she has compassion for Brandi, but it doesn’t justify her behavior. Joyce points out that when she sincerely apologized, Brandi made up, then turned around and spoke ill of Joyce on camera. Finally, Brandi tries to explain her complete disdain for Joyce. Brandi says she doesn’t like Joyce and Joyce doesn’t like her so let’s move on.

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The tempo changes considerably in this part of the reunion. The continual lines in the sand are drawn by our ladies of luxury as we anticipate next week’s final part of the reunion. Make sure to tune in next Monday for the part three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

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