EXCLUSIVE: Nancy Grace Blasts Teresa Giudice For Charging Fans Cash For Her Autograph & Photograph

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As we reported on Friday, convicted felon and Real Housewives of New Jersey “star” Teresa Giuidce appeared as the “celebrity guest” at Kim D’s Posche Spring Soiree on March 19th. The event was hosted by Kim Depaolo aka Kim D, owner of the Posche boutique. According to guests who attended the event, Teresa charged $25.00 to have her book autographed and a photo with her. Guests were required to pay the $25.00 fee in CASH ONLY. No credit cards or checks were accepted…CASH ONLY. No receipts were issued and the cash was stuffed in brown paper bags. Tony Soprano style!

Nancy Grace weighed in on the blatant scamming by Teresa Giudice. Nancy Grace wants to know is Teresa still scamming the tax man?!? Watch the video below to hear Nancy give her two cents on the convicts’ allege criminal activity.





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