Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: ‘Mexi-loco’ [Episode 19]

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Last time on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the episode ended in suspenseful DUN-DUN-DUUUUN drama-filled moment. Phaedra Parks walks in on Apollo and Kenya’s intimate conversation and immediately breaks up their private chat. She asks, “What’s going on over here?”

Phaedra walks in on Apollo and Kenya’s Private Convo
I know this is reality TV and a lot of the shenanigans are amped up to create drama, but come’mon, Apollo. He has to be a complete and utter fool to embarrass his wife on national TV. He’s making Phaedra look like a clown, especially in light of his recent fraud charges. Phaedra’s RHOA tagline is, “A true southern belle knows her own worth, and I am priceless.” seems Phaedra, is not priceless considering she married a bumbling idiot who can’t string together two sentences and has a propensity to commit crime. As Phaedra told Kenya last night, her and Apollo are one. That means she values herself very low.

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Before Phaedra, Apollo and Kenya could set it off, NeNe and Porsha waltz in and that ends any potential fireworks from sparking. Phaedra is clearly pissed at Kenya. However, she needs to be directing that same anger towards Apollo. It takes two to tango. She retreats to her room and Apollo gets up, shake hands and agree to be friends with Kenya and then chases after his wife. Porsha and NeNe scold Apollo about his actions and he responds with “I’m not a child, I don’t need someone to hold my hand. At the end of the day, I didn’t do anything inappropriate.” That’s his lame defense.


In Phaedra’s talking head, she calls Kenya a “wilted up whore… She’s like ‘Single Black Female.’ I wish a shaman could invent her a man and give her a life.” The irony  in Phaedra’s words haven’t fall short on me.

The Next Day

By the next day, Phaedra explains to Apollo the error of his ways. She makes it very clear, Apollo is not allowed to speak with Kenya without her present. She implements strict boundaries. Spelling out on the Speak and Spell there should be no friendship between him and Kenya. She doesn’t trust Kenya. She had previously told Kenya to stay away from her man. Apollo looks like he may be getting it but who knows with him. He seems hell bent on being independent and doing what he wants to do. However, realizing he pissed his wife off, Apollo arranges a surprise birthday party for her, since her actual birthday is a week away.


Meanwhile on the beach, Kenya finally feels calm, serene, and at peace, while Miss Lawrence just feels fabulous while wearing the perfect caftan. Kenya says she has 99 problems and a d*ck ain’t one!


The party

The party seems to go off without a hitch despite a piñata full of condoms which by the way is the most odd thing for a married man to do for his wife’s birthday party. The next evening, Kenya planned a “Pillow Talk” part deux. Based on the last “Pillow Talk” nothing good was to come out of this one.

Let the questions begin. First up Porsha, who says she likes when sex is both rough and romantic, instead of leaving it there, she went onto to give examples by insulting half the room. Older lovers are slower in the bedroom action she motioned by gyrating her hips in a slow motion. NeNe, being elderly is insulted and calls Porsha’s comment ‘ignorant,” when in fact that was just her experience. NeNe also calls Kandi ignorant because she had asked if NeNe was menopausal. Todd defends Kandi by saying NeNe is insulting in her delivery. Nene responds with an eye roll and a joker face totally dismissing Todd’s feelings.



The group ends the Q & A session and split up. The men leave and the women hang out for more conversation. Kenya and Phaedra address the Apollo situation. Phaedra says Kenya has crossed the line many times and she wanted to slap the dog shit out of her when she saw her and Apollo having their private convo. Kenya immediately lets her know that was not going to happen. “I know you don’t want to be my friend, but you can’t speak for your husband,” Kenya says.

Phaedra Parks[Photo:]

“Home wrecker, really?” Phaedra says, then calls her a “manipulative, ratchet-type of chick.” I was shocked a lawyer would threaten someone on national TV for the world to see. And she did it directly to Kenya’s face, which is a first since Phaedra is the queen of shade behind your back, never to your face.

Porsha inserts herself in the argument, telling Kenya, “This is a married couple’s situation.” Kenya quickly shuts her down by reminding her she was Kordell’s hired beard and married for a check, the argument came to an abrupt end.

Kenya also brought up the topic of Nene and Marlo’s beef and Nene refused to give Marlo or the situation any airtime or credence. Of course Nene would not share the spotlight with Marlo. Nene is a selfish self-centered person and even the mention of Marlo’s name by Kenya was too much airtime for Nene.

Geritol Gregg vs Old Man River

The men have gathered for drinks and “girl talk” and Gregg has a bone to pick with Peter regarding Peter approaching his wife at Kenya’s masquerade ball. Gregg feels Peter was wrong for saying anything to NeNe and he should have addressed the issue with him instead.

Gregg holds no punches and gets down to the core of the issue, he tells Peter,  if he tries that again, he might have to get in his face:  “You not only disrespected my wife but you disrespected me.”


Peter disagreed and tried to explain his side of the argument but Geritol Gregg was not hearing anything Peter had to say if it did not include an apology and agreement for him never to get in Nene’s face again. Both men stood up and their discussion quickly turned ugly. Their voices turned to roars and they got into each other faces. It was about to get physical when Todd stepped in to break it up and Gregg tossed him to the side and said “Don’t check me Todd.”


This was a first for Gregg, whom I’ve never seen get angry and physical with anyone. The women ended their shadefest and ran to sounds of the men’s argument. Nene immediately gets into Peter’s face and says:

“You need to stay out of women’s business. You are causing problems. What we do as women are between us. You have to stop rolling with the women! You have to stop being a damn bitch!!!”

Wow!!!! Both Peter and Cynthia are silent and offer no rebuttal. Peter looks dumbfounded as if he has no clue what Nene is talking about. And that ends another explosive episode of the RHOA.

Next week, Cynthia is really upset that NeNe called her husband a bitch and wants to end her friendship with Nene and Gregg. The couples meet to try and hash it out. Porsha wants carte blanche treatment in Kandi’s play and Kandi has to set her straight. Stay tuned for next week’s episode and recap.

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