BLK Water Now Available At Your Local Gym

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Albie-Manzos-Photo-of-BLK-Water-Fridge-1391723757Former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, Chris Laurita, Albie and Chris Manzo launched BLK Water in 2011 and since then it has been gaining traction nationally and internationally.

The success of BLW Water has skyrocketed and is now available for purchase at your local health club.  According to the following Facebook post by Jacqueline Laurita the beverage is now being carried by fitness clubs.



Many are turned off by the dark color of the water. Don’t worry, this black water (not Blackwater) isn’t actually sludge — it’s just water enhanced with humic and fulvic acid (biodegration of dead organic matter, electrolytes, antioxidants, and so on). Super yum!

According to the BLK website, the enhanced water is indeed extremely healthy for you. The drink turns black due to fulvic trace minerals. It restores your body full of electrolytes and gives you some serious hydration, without adding any sugar, carbs, or calories. Sounds good to us!

Jacqueline has taken to social media to heavily promote BLK Water. Seems like the entire family has pitched in to give a helping hand towards the family business. They all tweet and Facebook BLK promotions on a regular basis. Below is anothet tweet from Jacqueline Laurita.


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