Kenya Moore Is Not A Teresa Giudice Fan!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore may not be a fan of the newly convicted felon and future jail bird, Teresa Giudice.

Recently on Twitter a fan asked Kenya what she thinks of Teresa and Kenya’s response was a cold “She’s always been nice to me.”

Then when Kenya was asked about the convicted felon’s federal fraud charges, Kenya responded appropriately with “Which one?”

As we all know the Fraudice’s plead GUILTY to 9 counts of fraud after lying to the American public for months that they were innocent.

Teresa Giudice

I don’t blame Kenya for asking “Which one,” they were initially indicted on 41 counts of fraud and it’s easy for non-criminals (who do not commit fraud) to get confused by all those legal charges.

Teresa has made it very clear she’s team Nene. You know the HBIC Union is tighter than the Teamsters Local 19 Union, they support each other so naturally Teresa is team Nene.

Kenya on the other hand seems to be team Melissa. She recently tweeted Melissa was “one of the prettiest.” Referring to the prettiest housewife. While Teresa has been tweeting her support for the moose Nene on Dancing with the stars.

Based on Kenya’s tweets, it seems Nene’s and Kenya’s feud is still ongoing and they are not friends.

Take a look at the tweets below:


Teresa’s Tweets supporting Nene:



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