RHONY Recap: ‘Give Up The Ghostwriter’ [Episode 2]

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The Disturbing Lunch
Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York begins with Aviva and Carole meeting for lunch to discuss Aviva’s first book and memoir Leggy Blonde. Aviva is seeking guidance from the “world acclaimed” author, JK Rowling Carole Radziwill.


Aviva attempts to engage Carole in playful banter but Carole is closed off and guarded. Carole seems to have a stick up her butt and is giving off MAJOR attitude. Her face looks like she’s at a colonic appointment rather than lunch with a friend. The conversation switches to books and ghostwriting. Carole, whose only penned two books, asked Aviva if she used a ghostwriter, Aviva replied no, I wrote it myself. Aviva then returns the favor and ask Carole if she used a ghostwriter when she wrote her first book. Carole takes immediate offense to the same condescending question she just asked Aviva. Then (in her talking head) Carole express her disdain for the accusation, “I’m not understanding Aviva’s agenda here, is she insinuating I hired a ghostwriter to write my first book? That is awful and awkward and bizarre.” And with that exchange, lunch is over and Carole is officially pissed off. The nerve of Aviva to ask a homogeneous question. Shame on you, Aviva!!


Sidebar: The most critically acclaimed, New York Times best selling authors use ghostwriters but not Carole, who’s only authored two books?!?  Hmmmm…ok!




Aviva And Ramona Meet At The Liquor Store

Aviva and Ramona meet at Ramona’s second home the liquor store and the topic of Aviva’s and Carole’s lunch meeting comes up. Aviva explains to Ramona, Carole’s condescending attitude and proceeds to say Carole used a ghostwriter by the name of Bob Whitworth.

A Hit Dog Will Always Holla

Simultaneously, Carole, Kristen and Heather meet in Central Park and Carole immediately brings up the topic of Aviva’s ghostwriter comment. Carole is retelling the story but fails to mention she asked the same question first. If Carole truly wrote her own book and didn’t use a ghostwriter why would she care or give Aviva’s claim any credence? Heather is convinced Aviva is being ridiculous and spreading lies because Carole’s book was on the New York Times best-seller list and Carole appeared on Oprah. Heather, Google….James Frey (A Million Little Pieces), Herman Rosenblat (Angel at the Fence) and Anthony Godby Johnson (A Rock and a Hard Place).

Next, we’re at Kristen’s house and the house is filled with kids playing and adults congregating. Heather and her family are visiting. Kristen express that her daughter, Kingsley is experiencing a developmental delay. She’s not walking at 17 months and needs to wear braces.  Heather details her son’s illness and how his liver transplant saved his life. Very touching and emotional scene. The women share a heartfelt moment and a hug.


It’s Moving Day At The Drescher House
Aviva is tasked with moving her family from her apartment to her new fabulous upper west side townhouse. Harry stops by to drop off his son and Aviva and Harry share small talk and few laughs. It’s really nice to see exes get along so well. I commend those two for making it work for the sake of the kids.


Quote of the Night: 
“Maybe Carole wrote the book herself, maybe she didn’t but that’s no reason for her to get snooty on Aviva. Why can’t Carole just congratulate Aviva on getting a book published, period.  My feeling is more power to you girlfriend!”
Heather & Aviva Meet For Pedicures

Heather and Aviva meet for pedicures and Heather has an agenda. She has a bone to pick with Aviva for supposedly “defaming” her friend’s reputation. Heather questions Aviva like she’s an FBI agent and Aviva is a government witness. Asking her about the purpose of her book, her target audience and the biggest insult of all….if she didn’t have celebrity or fame no one would buy the book. Heather is shady boots personified.


The Date

Sonja Morgan and Harry Dubin, Aviva’s ex-husband go on a date. The two have previously bump gums dated.  These two are cute together. Harry is an old charmer Hugh Hefner player type and Sonja is the drunken floozy looking to get laid every night type.  I admire Sonja’s tenacity. I say they’re a match made in heaven and should stop playing games. Harry needs to put a ring on it. I guess his thought process is why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. Personally, I much more prefer Harry and Sonja as a couple than Sonja and her barely legal boy toy.

Aviva’s Party
Aviva’s new apartment looks fab…10 rooms, 2 floors and elevator is a dream in Manhattan. Let’s cut to the chase, the ghostwriter drama. At the party chatter of ghostwriting comes up again, as Ramona asks Aviva if she’s brought up all their awky lunch. Carole says she has reservations about attending Aviva’s party because of negative feelings.


Kristen gets caught in the crossfire. She’s not part of the village. She doesn’t know what to say about all these claims of ghostwriters. There’s only one model, there’s only one writer. It’s a singular skill. Ramona explains to Kristen just because your name is on the book does not mean you wrote it alone. Not that she’s saying Carole had help, just to clarify her stance on attribution.

Ramona is chatting with Carole and shares more of what she’s heard from Aviva including claims that Aviva knows the actual ghostwriter of Carole’s book. Carole is livid and decides to confront Aviva on her claims. Things didn’t go so well and what was suppose to be a rational discussion turned into an ugly fight over ghostwriters, rumors and which of the two is a more accomplished writer.






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