RHONY Sneak Peek: ‘Give Up The Ghost Writer’ [Episode 2]

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When Aviva scores a book deal for her memoir, she decides to meet with Carole, the “renowned” author of the group, for advice. Their lunch quickly turns uncomfortable and things get ugly when the topic of “ghostwriters” is mentioned. Aviva hosts a housewarming at her new Upper West Side townhouse where Ramona sets Carole off by spreading some damning gossip.


Ramona Singer sends Carole Radziwill into a tailspin when she shares what Aviva thinks about Carole’s writing.


Again, more ghostwriter chatter with Carole, Heather and Kristen in Central Park. If it’s not true, why is Carole paying so much attention to the topic?

Ramona Singer tries to sort out who has slept with Harry in Aviva Drescher’s bed.



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