The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1 [Episode 20]

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We jump into the reunion with Andy Cohen saying greetings to all the ladies, quickly it turns dark when Lisa is asked how she felt about the fun we all experienced in the last 2 episodes of the season. Lisa express that she cried for a long time after the whole thing, and watching the episodes brought back some of the feelings she had.  Lisa says she was mystified and hurt by the coordinated attack.  Brandi says she didn’t sleep and she has a lot of anxiety.  She also states that she had sent a nasty email to Lisa and they have not spoken.  Lisa’s rebuttal is jaw-dropping, when the audience is informed that Brandi had told RadarOnline that Lisa had lived in Calabasas ( like that’s an insult) and  Lisa had filed for bankruptcy.  Then suddenly Brandi simply turns to Kyle and says,” Kyle”, as if she had got the information from her.  Brandi then stated she paid $9.99 for a background check on Lisa and it had said she had lived in Calabasas.  The bankruptcy comment is totally ignored and no apologies are given for the accusations.


Apparently Lisa had made a comment to Brandi about when Brandi lived in the valley, she said she needed a passport to come to her house.  To which Lisa responds that it was a joke. Lisa compared Brandi’s comments to when Brandi had constantly said she wanted sleep with her husband.  We see clearly now that Lisa really never liked the comment, but took it in stride and rolled with it.




We jump to Yolanda and her issues with Lisa.  It seemed like a firing range when Yolanda comes for Lisa next.  Yolanda feels that Lisa didn’t show her true friendship by not coming by to see her  when she was ill with Lyme disease.  We find out later, that in fact Lisa did reach out to Yolanda, but wasn’t enough according to Yolanda.  We watch as Lisa tries to respond to Yolanda and her feelings on the subject, but gets cut-off at every chance.  Lisa, you can see is exasperated and gives up trying to explain herself.  Something has clearly changed with Yolanda and Lisa this year.




Then we proceed to the twilight zone for quite awhile when Kim is asked a series of questions after a strange set of Kim clips from the entire season.  Personally, this viewer doesn’t understand how her dog became a majority of her story line this year.  I am a dog lover, and have a puppy, but she is the last of the real issues I deal with, like most of us.  Andy asks Kim if the show has been good for her?  Kim says she is in a good place and the show has been hard but good for her. I will spare the readers my detailed thoughts on the matter, but I found it painful to watch.    Even the trash can praying gets bought up of course, as well as real concern of Kim’s dog actually eating her!  Scary… on so many levels.




We then jump into the pit of the Brandi and Joyce-off.  We all saw the comments that caused a huge backlash from the fans.  Brandi said Joyce was a black person since she couldn’t swim and refused to get into the pool.  Joyce perceived the comment as racist and felt that Brandi crossed the line. Carlton finally chimes in that those types of labels like racist, or anti-semitic, can cause more damage when on national television.   Joyce feels the constant jabs from Brandi from calling her the wrong name to feeling bullied by her insensitive comments, is something she won’t tolerate. Brandi says she liked Joyce at first, then we hear that Joyce claims Brandi baited her by stirring the pot, saying that Lisa can give criticism, but she can’t take it.  This begins the two into a non-breathing battle of nasty comments thrown across the room. Joyce holds her own against Brandi at every turn.  Brandi and Joyce are not going to get past the prior high school drama.




The Dutch Beauty, the English rose, and the truth cannon now center stage, Andy explores how the dynamic of the Dream Team has changed into a constant gossiping mean girls club.  Brandi comments that she feels like she had a role on the show and that role was Lisa mothering her.  Brandi feels like her friendship with Lisa is different on camera than off.  Brandi then finishes her lashing by insinuating that Lisa drinks a lot off camera.  Lisa defended her action of taking the bottle from her, saying she didn’t want the world to see her drinking from a bottle.  Which, for this viewer, I felt like that was a valid point.




We  touch on the accused “fake faint”.  Lisa felt hurt that it was even said in the first place.  Lisa admits the training for DWTS was difficult and caused some minor health problems.  To which Lisa is met with hostility from Brandi as expected.   Shockingly, Andy asks Lisa can she take it like she dishes it out.  By the look on Lisa’s face, she was not  pleased either.  It was really uncomfortable to watch one cast member get ripped apart by a majority of the group.  Lisa closes part one with an apology to Yolanda if she felt like she had hurt her in anyway.  Part one of the reunion is clearly a warm up for the nastiness to come.


Stay tuned for part 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 reunion, airing on Monday, March 24 at 9 p..m.!


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