Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: ‘Flirting With Disaster’ [Episode 18]

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Kenya & Lawrence Spill The Tea At Breakfast

The episode starts with Kenya and Miss Lawrence having breakfast and discussing the drama from the previous night’s dinner. Kenya is spilling the tea about Porsha and Kordell’s beard-for-hire marriage. Kenya breaks down Porsha’s arranged marriage to Kordell (a fact most of the viewing public already knew) which is Porsha was Kordell’s beard. Kenya explains that Kordell wanted a trophy wife and Porsha was an unauthenticated certificate. Bloop!!!! Now that was a Reeeead!


The conversation switches to the subject of Apollo. Kenya is tired of Apollo lying on her with his claims she made sexual advances towards him. Kenya wants to have a one-on-one with Apollo to clarify the rumors and make amends.

Group Trip To The Caves

The group ventures out for a group excursion to tour an ancient cave.  The group is split up in two SUV’s. On the way there, Kandi and Todd discuss the tension with Mama Joyce and their wedding. Todd is very blunt about the need for Kandi and Mama Joyce to get therapy. He basically tells her fix yo mama or I will gets-to-stepping! Todd is right. Mama Joyce’s manipulation and toxic behavior is out of control and has far reaching psychological effects than Kandi is willing to acknowledge. Todd seems at wits end with the situation. Not many men would be willing to put up with Mama Joyce’s ratchet obsessive meddling.


The groups arrive at the caves and tour the grounds. They gather at a natural hot springs and Kenya wants everyone to get in. Originally Kenya and Apollo were the only two game to venture into the cold water. But of course Phaedra would not allow her man to get within 5 feet of the former beauty queen. There is some major insecurities going on with Phaedra. Last episode she was contemplating if Apollo should even attend the trip once again because of Kenya Moore. It takes two to tangle and even if Kenya Moore is an attractive woman, Apollo is suppose to be able to control himself around other women. As the group exits the pool. The cameras cut to a scene where Kenya walks by Apollo and walks up the stairs and you can clearly see Apollo checking out Kenya’s booty as she sashays up the stairs. Busted!!!

Fertility Ritual

Kenya, Nene, Cynthia, Kandi and Miss Lawrence all venture out to another Mexican adventure. The ladies visit a shaman who specializes in unlocking fertility.  Kenya wants to have a baby and visited a sperm bank in earlier episodes. The ladies all let their guards down and open up about their baby (baby daddy) struggles. After the fertility ceremony is completed, Kenya shows her vulnerable side and shares a personal experience with the ladies. It’s nice to see Kenya bare her soul as she tearfully expressed her strong desire to have a child of her own. I wish Miss Twirl the best but my money is on Miss Lawrence to get pregnant next.


Sidebar: Why are the sides of Kenya Moore’s dress missing? Giiiiirl, put some clothes and underwear on!

Phaedra and Porsha decline the fertility ceremony and hang out at the pool to gossip.

The Men Gather

Peter, Apollo and Todd gather for an evening of cigars and drinks. Greg Leakes was busy being Nene’s butler to attend. Kenya and Miss Lawrence join the men. After a little chit chat, Kenya request a private convo with Apollo. Kenya and Apollo move to another section of the bar while Peter, Todd and Miss Lawrence view their exchange from the bar area.


Kenya confronts Apollo about the rumors he’s spread concerning her in regards to making sexual advances towards him while the two happened to be in California on separate business trips during season 5. Moore was totally into Apollo and they flirted.  They both text each other in a way that wasn’t appropriate given he’s a married man and she clearly was into him. Apollo told Phaedra Kenya invited him to her hotel room while on this business trip and declined her offer but could have “hit it” if he wanted. Yes, the fool actually told his wife, he could have “hit it” if he wanted to.

What’s ironic is Bravo keeps recycling this tired old story line for the sake of ratings. Last season Phaedra was pissed at Apollo and Kenya for seemingly flirting when Apollo threw Kenya in the pool on last season’s group vacation.

Kenya confronts Apollo about lying to his wife about their relationship. Kenya tells Apollo she’s always respected his marriage and did not offer him sexual favors. Apollo does not deny that fact or discredit her claims. Apollo’s retort is he has done nothing to disrespect her and she started this. Below is Apollo’s ignorant ass response:

“At the end of the day, I can say how I feel. If those were my intentions, and there’s a lot of people who woud, risk everything just because you’re a nice looking woman, they would take the opportunity” 

What exactly is he trying to tell Kenya? While Kenya can coherently and effectively convey her thoughts, Apollo is not the most articulate or intelligent being.  He continues on with:

“I was saying, if that was the case, then I would have jumped in, because you are an attractive woman, and guess what — any man could fall victim to that. But at the end of the day, I was just stating the fact: and the fact was, me as a man and who I am as a man, my physicality and your physicality, if that’s what I wanted to do, I felt like I could have done that.”

As the two chat away and share a few laughs, Phaedra enters the room and immediately breaks up their private convo. She ask…”What’s going on over here?” With that, the episode closes leaving us with a suspenseful DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!!! [Press play on the video below]

Next week the drama continues and Phaedra threatens bodily harm against Kenya. Oh my prayer cloth…not the southern belle and power attorney threatening to slap a bitch? Oh my stars!!!

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