Kandi Burruss: Getting A Pre-Nup

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Kandi Burruss, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star hasn’t had the easiest engagement to fiancé, Todd Tucker. Their relationship has been strained because of Kandi’s mom, Mama Joyce. Mama Joyce has hated Todd from day one and has been very vocal about her feelings towards the Reality TV Producer. She believes Todd is an opportunist, using Kandi for her money.

Kandi is on the cover of Jet Magazine this month and discussing her relationship with Todd and her mama. The soon to be Mrs. Tucker told the publication she is continuing to stand by her man and shut down the naysayers.

“We are moving forward, I have a date, but I’m not saying. We are doing a pre-nup, it’s like insurance. You don’t want to need it but but it’s there in case a disaster happens.”

Kandi is enjoying both her professional and personal success while ignoring the “haters.”

“I love that Todd is affectionate and relationship-oriented. But he’s also a leader and a planner, and because of his production background he makes me a better businesswoman.”

It’s no secret that a big strain on the couple’s relationship is disapproval of Todd from Mama Joyce (even leading to a potential breaking point for Todd.)


With a wedding being inevitable, even Mama Joyce seems to be softening. “I pray I am wrong,” Kandi’s mom told JET. “If they are married and it lasts, I will be the first to apologize.”


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