Chris Brown Kicked Out Of Rehab & Back In Jail

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Chris Brown

Reportedly, Chris Brown violated a judge’s order by getting kicked out the rehab facility where he’s been living for nearly 4 months and as a result he’s heading back to jail.

Chris Brown’s home away from home (jail) needs to take counsel with himself.  Obviously his friends have not given him any good advise about how he must conduct himself in light of his legal entanglements.  Instead, every other month he is in the spotlight for one thing or another.

Chris, your friends need to inform you that you signed up to be in the spotlight, so don’t get mad when people take your picture in or out of night clubs, or try to squeeze in on your pictures, like Parker Adams tried to do in Washington, DC. If you can not handle the attention, get out of the business. Fa realz!!

You should be glad when fans ask for a picture or take it without permission, be glad they recognize you and think enough of you to get a picture. That represents, you have arrived but it can all be taken away instantly, so be be grateful.  Ask your real friends to help you by holding you accountable for your actions. Everybody needs someone to be accountable to, and when you are not accountable to yourself, you need to be accountable to someone else.

It was fiercely rumored again before the Grammy’s in 2014 that Chris and Rihanna were back together again. Is anyone surprised that Chris is still getting in trouble? Throughout their relationship he’s been plagued by trouble. The infamous car ride in 2009 where he brutally assaulted Rihanna.  When there is no news, Chris tends to get back in trouble to make up for lost time. Well, the Judge is not letting him get off so easily.  Time to pay the piper!

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