Brandi Glanville: Scared What Eddie & LeAnn Will Reveal In Their New Reality Show

Posted on Mar 15 2014 - 4:38pm by Robin Larkson


Brandi Glanville


finds more flies in her buttermilk and decides to set out honey. On the eve of  reunion, Brandi Glanville tries to put on a happy face with Kim, Kyle, Yolanda and Carlton.  Since the season finale of Brandi has come to realize she did not hit co-star Lisa VanderPump with a final blow.  Her take down was incomplete and having left Lisa wounded, she may become a vengeful enemy who can take her down instead.

Brandi is scared out of her wits because the tides are turning on her. Everyone Brandi has lied on in the past, she has managed to gain their trust and friendship by blaming her bad character on her soured marriage to ex-husband, . She even has gone so far as to claim her financial hardship has been because Eddie asked her to pay for child support which was proven to be a lie.

Eddie states this to be an outright lie.  But now, Eddie and his wife are in production of a new Show on which will give him possibly a bigger platform to set the record straight about Brandi Glanville and any lies still unanswered. And suddenly Brandi wants to play nice with Eddie and LeAnn.  Brandi even claims abiding love for BravoTV superstar Lisa Vanderpump, and she will have forgiveness for Lisa when she stops trying to use her to heighten her ratings on the ’s hit show, Vanderpump Rules.

Just a few seasons ago, Brandi came from a very meager background and now has used her rich associates as stepping stones to reach the top of reality TV lineup.


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