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Kim Zolciak And Sheree Whitfield on WWHL This Sunday!


Kim Zolciak aka Wigs & Cigs is making her grand return to the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse this Sunday. And she’ll be joined by none other than former RHOA cast mate Sheree Whitfield!

Princess Andy, you sneaky devil you!!  Are you trying to tell the fans that Sheree and Wigs & Cigs will be returning to RHOA? God knows they both need the money. As we reported, Kim and Kroy are allegedly having financial hardships and She-By-She-Broke well y’all know she’s broke (allegedly). Chateau Sheree anyone?

Bravo, the shade machine is out to piss Nay-Nay Leakes off. First with bringing Kenya onto the show then bringing Marlo back. Now possibly Kim and Sheree!!  Lawd Hammercy!!!!



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