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RHONY Recap: ‘If You Can Make It Here’ [Episode 1]


Their baaaack!!! The ladies of Real Housewives of New York are finally back and are bringing it! I live for Ramona’s new tagline “Get the Pinot ready because it’s turtle time!

Carole Radziwill’s Photo Shoot
Season 6 starts with a photo shoot for Carole Radziwill’s author photo for her latest release, and Heather Thompson stops by to lend her “expertise” and support a friend. Heather arrives and totally takes over the entire shoot. Heather is giving unsolicited advice/direction to the professional photographer, whose been doing  her job for years. The photographer is pissed and tells Ms. Know-It-All “No more advice!”



Ramona Singer And Sonja Morgan Meet For Girl Talk
Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton Pinot Singer and Sonja Morgan meet at Sonja’s apartment that surprisingly looks clean, well her master bedroom does. The master bedroom and her kitchen are the only parts of the apartment we ever see. The two engage in a little heart-to-heart catch up. Ramona is sad that Avery is getting ready to escape magic mountain go off to college. Sonja isn’t sympathetic and feels Ramona needs to 1) Start walking her own dog 2) Get a hobby 3) Spend more time with Mario. Knowing what we know today about Ramona and Mario’s marriage, I sorry for Pinot Singer. The topic then turns from Avery to Aviva Drescher. Aviva is this season’s Jill Zarin, the outcast of clique. After the St. Barts scary island incident last season. Everybody has a bone to pick with Aviva.


Heather’s “Bad Boy” Party
Heather throws herself a birthday party and I’m not sure if the party is to celebrate her birthday or to prove she has “street cred” and showcase her “Bad Boy” peeps. After all, she did work for the notorious Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs.

Sonja Morgan introduces us to her new young hot 23-year-old “real-estate developer” boyfriend. Sonja is 47. Some might consider this robbing the cradle but I say “You Go Girl….Get Ya Groove On!!!!” Why shouldn’t she enjoy herself, her, Ben boy-toy is not jail bait. He’s a nice piece of eye-candy.


We meet newcomer, Kristen Taekman whose married to Josh Taekman and mother of two. Josh is a former Bad Boy Records executive. He now runs a company called EBoost, a super-fit energy drink. That’s the connection with Heather and Kristen. The new girl to the group seems nice and fairly drama-free.  She may not fair to well in this group.

At the party there’s an uncomfortable energy floating through the room as soon as Aviva arrives. The ladies are whispering behind her back. Aviva decides to brake the ice and approaches Ramona first. Aviva expresses how much she wants peace and to be friends again.  Poor Aviva, you can tell she’s uncomfortable having to suck up her pride and kiss these catty bitches ass just to make amends for sticking up for her husband.



Back at Sonja’s Home
Sonja is hosting a get-together at her home. She invites Ramona, Kristen, a friend and a cooky spiritual healer. Her “staff” have long run off the plantation and the Morgan estate is now being ran by a group of unpaid interns and the dog.  What a dreadful scene! I can’t help but ask, why is the front door of Sonja’s town home always boarded up like an abandoned bank foreclosure? The interns struggle to organize from answering the door, opening the champagne and missing plates. Ramona discovers Sonja’s oriental rug is frayed and falling apart. Poor Sonja, the financial strain is showing. The conversation turns to the subject of Aviva again and all the ladies suggest Ramona get over it and make up. Ramona being neurotic and crazy can’t believe what the ladies are suggesting. Ramona’s thinking to herself..make-up…what-in-the-lol is that!!!!




Ramona And Aviva Meet
Ramona decides to take the ladies advice and reluctantly meet with Aviva. The two hash it out over Pinot and shots. Basically the sit down consists of Aviva stroking Ramona’s drunken ego…killing her with kindness and drowning her in compliments. Ramona admits she’s enjoying herself but prefaces it with “I’m not sure if it’s the alcohol.” Well Duhhhh!!!!!! Of course it’s the alcohol. After a few more drinks, the two part on good terms and go their separate ways. Ramona’s moods change with her underwear so we’ll see how long the reconciliation last.




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