The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: ‘Are You My Friend’ [Episode 19]

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As we journey into the infamous party at the Beverly Hilton, immediately we find the chatter of the Ken and Lisa walk- out in Puerto Rico. With considerable tension, awkward silences, and glares of distrust, the liquid courage is poured, and mouths start opening.   The entire group trickles into the party, with clear resentment towards Lisa.

Kyle feels like Lisa should give her a sincere apology, but is unclear as to what exactly for.  Tabloid-gate still fresh in Kyle’s mind, in her interview she states Lisa needs to just come clean and admit what she has done wrong.  Brandi had informed Kyle that evil Lisa wanted the tabloids put in Brandi’s luggage for a later Kyle bashing about her rumored cheating husband. The act of wanting the magazines to go far outweighs the actually buying or ownership of said tabloid.

Brandi tries to rally Carlton to her side about the magazine at HER house. Carlton wants to have a fair opinion on the matter, and states to Brandi what she remembered about the tabloid. It wasn’t a kind exchange between these two, and the tension is felt. Brandi says that Lisa is in her ear, but she loves her so much. Carlton isn’t happy the game playing has now trickled upon her broom.


Kim walks up to Ken and gives an insincere apology, then is shocked in private interview that Ken was so rude to her in response to her apology.  No one knows exactly what’s going on with Kim most of the time.  Ken gets banged around the party one argument after another, as his counter-part, Lisa, is fighting her own battles with Brandi and Kyle.

Yolanda arrives to the party full of venom and high expectations of her Hollywood friends. The Dutch Drama Queen is irritated that Lisa keeps walking away during their conversations.  At first Yolanda complains that Ken and Lisa didn’t let them know they were safe when they bolted the dinner.  Then two seconds later Yolanda is really upset that Ken and Lisa didn’t actually leave Puerto Rico.  Now Yolanda is upset Ken and Lisa just went to a different resort IN Puerto Rico.  Which seems odd to be mad about them enjoying the rest of their vacation in peace, but that’s just me.



Kyle and Lisa start a civil conversation that warps into the destruction of a friendship. Lisa tells Kyle it’s up to her who she believes in the tabloid-gate situation.  Lisa tells Kyle that very same magazine had her on the cover two weeks prior to the cheating allegation cover.  Kyle believes that Lisa and Brandi brought up the cheating rumor, and Lisa’s support came too little too late.  Lisa points out that Brandi is the one that announced it at Carlton’s lunch.  Kyle overlooks any involvement Brandi had, and centers all her blame on Miss Vanderpump.  Kyle questions Lisa, “Are you my friend, do you care about me?”  Lisa gets visibly uncomfortable as her loyalty is questioned by Kyle…once again.  Lisa responds surrendering the white flag and giving up on the friendship saying, “I can’t do this anymore.”  Both of these women feel very hurt by each other and hopefully they can just get past the small things, to give room for the big.  But the battle is half done, round two up next.



Just like Kyle, Brandi feels the need to grab Lisa’s hand to a private battle of wits.  Brandi sits down and jumps into yelling at Lisa about Scheana and her presence in Lisa’s life.  Lisa tells Brandi that Scheana has worked for her for five years, she was young and made a mistake.  Brandi doesn’t want Scheana to be in her face or around them.  This is when Lisa tries to explain, that she is an employee and she doesn’t see Scheana as the “whore” Brandi feels she is. Brandi, in high school fashion, immediately replies, “ I guess we aren’t friends then!”  Then if you listen carefully you hear the sound of jealousy ooze out as Brandi has then compliment digs to an art form.  Lisa disappointed, doesn’t understand why Brandi thinks she is under some kind of a spell.

Brandi, our rebellious teenager, feels like she was Lisa’s sidekick.  Lisa is shocked by Brandi and has always felt like she supported Brandi, even when she crossed the line.  Brandi has been stating for weeks now that she doesn’t want to be on the bad side of Lisa, but then feels everything Lisa does is malicious and  has a motive.  Brandi, in a private interview states she is so hurt by Lisa, and pulls the pity card when she realizes she lost Ken and Lisa’s friendship forever.



At the end of this finale, we are given a teaser of the epic three part reunion to air.  We are given a little more background on the nerves and resentments before the reunion begins shooting.  A preview of the name calling, tears, and low blows are shown.  As we can see the fight continues from the party to the reunion.  Will Brandi and Lisa ever be friends again?  Will Joyce and Carlton fight back in their reunion debut? Will Ken and Lisa ever look at the cast the same?  Will Brandi and Yolanda clear the air and make amends? For answers to these questions and more, stay tuned next week for part one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. Have a sneak peek of the gripping three part reunion.

Brandi and Joyce spar over who has kissed less attractive people and Brandi accuses Joyce of dressing like an ice skater.



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