Real Housewives of Atlanta RECAP: ‘He Said, She Said’ [Episode 17]

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The ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta returned last night and things heated up in Mexico!

With the Bailey Bowl fiasco behind them, Kenya thinks the ladies and their partners could use a little R&R and organizes a trip to Mexico.

Nene Checks Cynthia
Cynthia and Nene meet to go bathing suit shopping for Mexico. The conversation quickly turns to the fallout from the Bailey Bowl (the blow-up where Marlo almost kicked Nene’s ass). Cynthia tries to express to Nene her disappointment of the disastrous ending and brings up Marlo’s name. Nene quickly shuts Cynthia down and dismisses the conversation as if Marlo fell off the planet and Marlo no longer existed. Wow!!! Nene chin checked Cynthia HARDCORE on national TV, with dismissive, rude and downright uncouth friend’s like Nene who needs enemies?

Kenya And Marlo Meet
Kenya pays a visit to her new BFF, Marlo Hampton. The ladies rehash the events of the Bailey Bowl and Marlo describes how deeply hurt she is by Nene’s behavior towards her. Marlo reveals the jaw dropping truth behind the Bailey Bowl drama with NeNe “Nay-Nay” Leakes. Nay-Nay gave Marlo an ultimatum before the Bailey Bowl…it’s me or Kenya!  Marlo says, NeNe told her not to be friends with Kenya or else forget her as a friend. Nay-Nay considers herself the HBIC and she decides who can be friends with whom. Sounds like Nay-Nay is projecting misguided anger towards Kenya and Marlo’s friendship because Hollywood has given her the boot. Kenya is shocked by Marlo’s revelations! In her talking head, Kenya says are we in high school? I agree, only mean high schools girls issue friendship ultimatums!?!

Marlo Hampton

Phaedra & Apollo
Next, Phaedra and Apollo discuss Kenya’s invitation to Mexico. The couple recalls their last group trip and how it didn’t turn out so well. They ponder if they should attend the Mexico trip. Phaedra is considering leaving Apollo home to babysit their boys, whom by the way are too precious for words. I much rather watch Ayden clean the pool and Mr. President drool than Phaedra and Apollo.  Phaedra wants to go but is thinking of leaving Apollo at home since she obviously can’t trust her man around Kenya. Insecure much? The always comical and polite Southern Belle delivered her usual one-liner for the night when she referred to Kenya as “Kenya Moore Whore.”


Messy Peter Meets With Kordell
Peter and Kordell meet for tea in the garden. I almost forgot how beautiful and grand Kordell’s house was. It was nice to see it again in all it’s opulence.  The two men sip on tea and gossip make small talk about the running of the household and nannies, etc. Once the small talk is out of the way, the men get down to discussing Kordell and Porsha’s divorce. Messy Peter wasted no time in asking Kordell his side of the story (because he had already heard Porsha’s side). Kordell tells Peter, Porsha asked him for a divorce and she was aware of the divorce filing prior to him announcing it on Twitter. Kordell claims Porsha’s family was the real reason for the divorce, they intruded on their marriage and caused problems. Apparently, Kordell came home one day and found Porsha’s mama eating a LARGE pepperoni pizza on his bed!!! OH LAWD!! That threw Kordell into a tailspin and that may have been the final straw for him. Could you imagine the horror of finding your mother-in-law eating a LARGE pepperoni pizza on your bed, soiling your 600 thread count sheets? Sounds like grounds for divorce to me! Messy Peter sat there listening, agreeing and was very sympathetic towards Kordell side. How sweet!


Heading South Of The Border
Kenya arrives first with her traveling companion, Miss Lawrence. The two set-up the guest rooms with pictures of Kenya. Nice touch! The rest of the group travel together with the exception of Phaedra and Apollo, who arrive the following evening. On the ride to the hotel, Messy Peter, once again inserts himself into housewives business. He brings up that he and Kordell met and discussed the divorce. The entire bus is silenced. Probably in shock at Peter’s assertion into matters that don’t concern him. Excuse me, but who appointed Peter, intermediary on all matters RHOA? Peter has been more catty and bitchy than any of the housewives combined this season. Is he auditioning for a peach? Watch your back Nay-Nay, Peter is coming for your spot boo.

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Everyone manages to arrive in one piece and they are ready for margarita’s and relaxation. Kenya graciously greets the arriving guest and everyone is all smiles. The group tours their rooms. Of course the HBIC is given the presidential suite. Nay-Nay would not have it any other way. Miss Lawrence brakes the ice by twirling for the guests in a poncho and a mustache. As the group settles in, Porsha questions why Kenya’s African prince did not accompany Ms. Twirl on the trip.  Finally, everyone is happy for a change!


Later that night, the group meet for dinner, immediately the conversation turns to Porsha and Kordell’s relationship. And the tea spilling began! The Nida’s arrived just in time for dinner and drama.


You can clearly see Porsha is uncomfortable addressing the matter. Porsha does her best to explain to the group how Kordell’s image was “tainted” (referencing the numerous gay rumors that plagued him for years) and she told him she would “help him fix it.” Poor Porsha, with limited vocabulary, it’s hard for her to articulate, she was hired as Kordell’s beard (allegedly).

Beard (companion)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Beard is a slang term describing a person who is used, knowingly or unknowingly, as a date, romantic partner (boyfriend or girlfriend), or spouse either to conceal infidelity or to conceal one’s sexual orientation. The American slang term originally referred to anyone who acted on behalf of another, in any transaction, to conceal a person’s true identity.[1] The term can be used in heterosexual and homosexual contexts, but with increasing acceptance of gay culture, references to beards are seen in mainstream television and movies as well as other entertainment.


Naturally Kenya (like any logical thinking soul) took Porsha’s statement to mean, Porsha agreed to be Kordell’s beard. Messy Peter also seized the opportunity to bash Porsha and aggressively demanded she clear up her statement because it implies Kordell is gay. Porsha, immediately denied the accusation, stating that’s not what she meant. Poor Porsha stepped into some shit with this group that her tiny brain is not equipped to handle. Poor thang!

Next week, the drama is escalated when Peter and Gregg get into a heated shoving match and things spice up between Kenya and Apolla. Why do I have the feeling Phaedra will cut a bitch over her man?


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