Real Housewives of Atlanta Sneak Peek: ‘He Said, She Said’ [Episode 17]

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 Peter Thomas

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta return tonight and things heat up in Mexico.

With the Bailey Bowl fiasco behind them, Kenya thinks the ladies and their partners could use a little rest and relaxation and organizes a trip to Mexico. Gregg Leakes and Peter Thomas get into a heated shoving match when the issue of the Bailey Bowl fallout is brought up.


Things get awkward when Peter reveals (in front of the entire group) he had a sit down with Kordell Stewart. Peter and Kordell discussed Kordell’s and Porsha’s divorce. When did Peter become a housewife, did I miss something?



Kenya checks in on her new BFF,  Marlo Hampton and learns the jaw dropping truth behind the Bailey Bowl drama with NeNe “Nay-Nay” Leakes. Nay-Nay gave Marlo an ultimatum before the Bailey Bowl…it’s me or Kenya!  Marlo says, NeNe told her not to be friends with Kenya or else! Nay-Nay considers herself the HBIC and she decides who can be friends with whom. Sounds like Nay-Nay is projecting misguided anger towards Kenya and Marlo’s friendship because Hollywood has given her the boot.


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