Naomi Campbell Defends Lisa Vanderpump On WWHL

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 Naomi Campbell

International supermodel, Naomi Campbell appeared as a guest on Watch What Happens Live, last Thursday night.

Naomi, known for her tough no nonsense personality, did not hold back when playing a game of “Naomi Knows Best.” The game consisted of photos of various housewives and Naomi had to weigh in with her opinion. When Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars, Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville popped up, Andy asked what she thought about their ongoing feud.

As an avid fan of the show, Ms. Campbell was not afraid to tell us which of the women are out of line, childish, and even one whom she thinks should be downright embarrassed!

Naomi had the following to say:

“Pathetic. Childish — I’m on Lisa’s side. I’ve known Lisa since I was 7 years old”

Naomi Campbell was born in London, England and has known Lisa Vanderpump since she was 7-years old.  Naturally she would be #TeamVanderpump! Lisa responded to Naomi’s support by tweeting the following after the show:

WATCH: Naomi Campbell on WWHL weighing in on the Lisa/Brandi feud

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