Philip Seymour Hoffman: Two Public Memorials Planned

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Memorials plans are underway for actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.  According to his mother, Marilyn Hoffman Connor, there will be two public memorials, one  New York City and one in Rochester, New York.  According to a report in the Democrat & Chronicle, Mr. Hoffman’s mother is quoted as saying “It has been a devastating loss for us, but I know that you also feel a great sorrow,” she said in a statement she had Garner read. “We miss and cry for the little boy and the man, the brother, the uncle, the husband, the father, the friend, and while we will miss seeing him, we will also miss his talent, his knowledge of his craft, and seeing results of his hard work. He was a gift to me for 46 years. I wanted more.”

In a report released on Friday, February 28, 2014 a ruling on the cause of death was an accidental ovedose of heroine, cocaine, benzodiazepines and amphetamines.

Certainly it was a shocking revelation for David Bar Katz, his long time friend Philip Seymour Hoffman to find the body after Philip succumbed to an accidental over dose, but even more so shocking to find false stories claiming that Hoffman and David had been more than just friends, they were lovers.  The National Enquirer wasted no time at all creating sensational rumors, about David Katz and Philip Seymour.  The Enquirer claimed they had used drugs the night before Philip Seymour Hoffman’s was found dead by David the next day.

David Bar Katz immediately launched a libel suit against the tabloid, and a settlement has been reached.  According to the New York Times, David’s attorneys agreed with the National Enquirer that a prize of $45,000 would be awarded to the American Play writer’s Foundation to help promising and starving play writers.

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