Is A Mob Wife Creeping On Her Boyfriend?

Posted on Mar 8 2014 - 10:00am by Editor

Say what, say what, say WHAT NOW? One of the ladies on has ”Jungle Fever” and is down with ”The Swirl!”

Natalie Guercio, star of , known to viewers as the feisty hot-blooded Italian girl from . The newcomer, introduced her boyfriend London on the show. The two appeared to be deeply in lust love and went apartment hunting together to take their relationship to the “next level.”

& Boyfrien London

Well, as it turns out, Natalie may not be as committed to the relationship as portrayed on the show. She has been caught creeping behind London’s back with a well-known Philly actor/music producer named Ryan Banks. Goo-on girl, get your swirl on! 

Natalie Guercio and Ryan Banks

Although London is quite the looker, Ryan is fiooooone! We’re curious how this sizzling love triangle might play out in the next season of Mob Wives.

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