Blind Item: Another Drunk Celebrity Bites The Dust

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This TV girl went to a restaurant in Los Angeles. It’s not a fancy restaurant. More like an upscale cafeteria. The food is good, though, which was probably the draw for our celeb. It was the middle of the afternoon, just past the lunch rush hour.

She was NOT steady on her feet. She was acting very… drunk. Yes, in the middle of the day. She was swaying back and forth, talking a little too loudly and adamantly on her phone, and motioned for her assistant to go to the counter to get some food for her.

TV girl then decided to sit down at one of the tables… except she was so drunk that completely missed the chair!

She realized her error too late and fell hard, taking a table down with her! She was flat on her back, motionless, with the overturned chair, the table and the items that were already on the table all strewn about her.

Several patrons and staff rushed over to help her up. TV Girl was out of it but her eyes were open. “Are you OK? Are you hurt?” they asked. TV Girl just kept saying, “What happened? What happened?”

They pulled her to her feet… and then TV Girl turned on them! “Leave me alone!” she demanded, pushing them aside and stumbling outside to continue her phone call.

TV Girl didn’t thank anyone for helping her up. She didn’t apologize for what happened. She didn’t help them pick up the mess she had made. Instead, she just left her assistant behind to do her apologizing and to clean up her drunken mess for her.

BONUS CLUE! TV Girl may not be adept at standing or sitting… but she is very good at kneeling.

 [Blind Gossip]
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