Exclusive: The Real Showdown Dina Manzo Vs Melissa Gorga

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Dina Manzo

Melissa Gorga, star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey recently did an interview claiming there was no beef between her and Dina Manzo. However, in reality the two Jerzeey housewives hate each other and have been feuding behind the scenes, according to sources.

Dina Manzo shocked fans by leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey in the midst of season two, she also cut ties with the entire cast—along with her sister and brother Caroline Manzo and Chris Laurita. Viewers have questioned her motives and sincerity with her decision to return to a show she commonly referred to as “toxic” on many occasions.

Filming for season six of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently wrapping up and already we’re being bombarded with the usual shenanigans.

Joining the cast for season 6 are twin sisters, Nicole and Teresa Napolitano, the newly appointed resident shit-stirrers. We’re told the sisters have waged war against Teresa and Melissa. Allegedly, the network is tailoring season 6, story arc around a newbie versus vets story line. However, the real showdown taking place behind the scenes is between Dina and Melissa. Sources close to the situation have informed All About The Tea that the two women hate each other. Dina has taken on the role of Teresa’s soldier and mouth-piece and in that role, she’s confronting Melissa at every turn. Since Teresa is the “star” of the show, she demanded Bravo bring Dina back. According to the source, Dina feels indebted to Teresa for bringing back her on the show.


As previously reported, Dina’s return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey is tied to her turbulent divorce from Tommy Manzo (Al Manzo’s brother). According to sources, the marriage is over with no hope of reconciliation. A prenuptial agreement exists and Dina stands to walk away with nothing. Dina was struggling financially before RHONJ came calling. Supposedly, she desperately needs the income from the show to support herself and her daughter.

Here’s the kicker, Dina secretly doesn’t like the “new” Teresa with the all legal scandals, bankruptcies and fraudulent reputation. When filming stops, the two barely see each other or speak, according to a source.

Unfortunately for Bravo, Teresa Giudice’s fraud scandal trumps a newbie versus vets or Dina versus Melissa story line. The best story line for Bravo to exploit is the impending doom of the Giudice family’s…fears, tears, delusions of grandeur and preparation for a life behind bars.

I’ll agree with you TreHuggers just this once, the new season should entirely focus on Teresa — the “star” of the show.  Bravo should title season six “Countdown to Lockdown — The Teresa Giudice Fraud Story” equipped with Dina, the hired best friend by her side wiping her tears and holding her hand.  Dina “Zen” Manzo is going through a divorce and needs the cash therefore the timing is perfect.  Teresa views Dina as a confidant and trustworthy friend.  In the wise words of Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa likes soldiers (blind loyalty) not real friends and Dina fits the bill perfectly!


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