Did Teresa Allow Bravo Cameras To Film Her Telling Her Girls About The Guilty Plea?

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Guess who’s NOT winning Mother of the Year?

In another installment of  As The Felons Turn, Real Housewives of New Jersey star and newly convicted felon, Teresa Giudice is now being accused of exploiting her children for a Bravo paycheck. No way!!!

Supposedly, Teresa wanted to wait until Bravo concluded filming season 6 before entering her guilty plea. Allegedly, to keep that part of her life away from the cameras.

However, media outlets are reporting that Bravo filmed scenes where Teresa and her hubby, Joe discuss their scandalous legal situation (specifically pleading guilty) with their minor girls, while the cameras rolled. Discussing such private and sensitive matters (with your children) while the Bravo cameras roll is incomprehensible. Many have compared their actions to exploitation.

Unfortunately, exploiting their children for Bravo cameras and a paycheck is status quo among the “parents of the year.” It’s one thing for Teresa and Joe to “holla for a dolla” but another to pimp their minor children in the process.

IF this claim is true, I will say the Giudice’s have hit an all time low, if that’s even possible.

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