Carlton Gebbia Rushed To Hospital After Passing Out In Beverly Hills

Posted on Mar 6 2014 - 10:32am by Nancy

Carlton GebbiaReal Housewives of Beverly Hills witch, Carlton Gebbia, passed out at dinner last night and had to be rushed to a hospital by ambulance.

TMZ claims that Carlton had been seen drinking alcohol before passing out.

Carlton was dining at Mastro’s Steakhouse with 6 girlfriends. Witnesses say, Carlton drank many tequila shots and shortly thereafter, she passed out at the table. Immediately 911 was called and Carlton was whisked off.

The British native was still unconscious when she was wheeled out of the restaurant on a stretcher and placed in the ambulance.

Carlton is a British designer who is said to have a net worth of around $50 million.

Reportedly, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills executives are scrambling to find new housewives for next season. RHOBH ratings have been less than stellar in comparison to previous seasons. The network is desperate to find ways to increase ratings.

It’s being reported that the network gave Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud their walking papers. I can’t confirm reports of Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia’s firing. Bravo hasn’t released an official statement. Not like they ever do but I will reserve judgement until I see next season’s line-up.


We pray Carlton is well and this was just a minor fluke and nothing serious.

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  • Pinkie31

    I wish Carlton well an I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with her as well I hope she’s home with her family and friends at this point .

    • Dr Seuss

      Hi Pinkie. You’re always so kind and compassionate. Same here. I hope it’s nothing serious and she’s home recovering.

      • noarguingwithstupid

        Hey Doc!! I’m here with a tornado warning!!! I am waiting for a Treape warning, as we all know, she is always delivering something on the brink of disaster!!!

        • Dr Seuss

          ” Treape warning” <—– BWAHAHA!!!!

      • Pinkie31

        Thank you for the message it was very kind of you to get back to me. I just don’t want anyone to feel hurt or pain in their life cuz there’s so much going on around all of us as we speak but anyways I hope you have a great night an nice dreams. (:

        • Dr Seuss

          I agree with you here. Have a nice relaxing evening, my love 🙂

  • Happywife

    Please Bravo go back to the season one form of rhobh. I used to like Brandi but she’s is tiring this season she always has an excuse for her embarrassing behavior. Also, please Andy please fire Carlton I think “Your a mean one Mr. Grinch” should play every time she comes on screen. She doesn’t at all represent the chi chi chi Beverly Hills darling lifestyle. She has to be the biggest hypocrite ever. By the way Lisa fire Jax from SUR he really does exhibit a lot of the signs of being a sociopath.