The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: “The Kids Are Alright” [Episode 18]

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Kyle Richards

We continue on this cobblestone paved nightmare of a vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico. All the ladies meet in the morning over freshly poured gossip, and immediately ensues bashing Lisa and Ken for leaving the dinner.  The blitz starts with Yolanda reporting Ken and Lisa got in a cab, went to the airport, and went home.  The table is still in silence for a few seconds and the faces they all have say everything you need to know.  Kim knows she should apologize to Ken for her outburst at the dinner.  Then she got over that, and really doesn’t want to, beause you all know usually people in recovery in an active 12-step, make amends and apologize when there are at fault.  She shows no remorse for taking it too far.  This table turns into a group of grown adult women into “Mean Ladies of Beverly Hills.”


Clearly Joyce doesn’t have the history with Lisa the other women do. Joyce seems disappointed that Lisa didn’t let her know they were leaving.  Joyce, as the host, maybe should have checked with Lisa and Ken, after that horrible dinner. Why didn’t one of these women say, “Ummm, Brandi why did you have the tabloid magazine at your house anyway,”  or how about, “Didn’t you bring up the cheating rumor at Calton’s house?”

The ladies minus Lisa are skipping the streets, giggling, and having a grand óle time.  The mood definitely changed as the girls have the best vacation now that Lisa has been run off.  In classy form, celebrating with smiles as if Brandi is best friends with all of them.

Next, Calrton comes over to Lisa’s house to give her a chance to vent. Lisa expresses she feels ambushed, and she refuse to stay in Puerto Rico with negative, aggressive, bullshit.  Lisa feels each one of them, with their own little game plan, systematically coming after her for a list of little things to attack her on the trip.  Lisa breaks down in tears, saying she has always defended Brandi.  Lisa feels that Brandi prides herself on being brutally honest, when deep down Lisa feels Brandi is more brutal than honest.


After all the drama, we see Kim packing and preparing her daughter for the trip to college.  It was sweet to see both her parents taking her, laughing with her, and of course seeing how small most dorm rooms are.  Kim might have brought so much that Kimberly will have a hard time getting into her room.  In dazzling New York, we watch Yolanda prepare and unpack her daughters lavish, stunning, spacious apartment.  Yolanda and Kim are both excited to see their children soar into this next stage of life.  Many tears fall, as these two mothers complete an 18 year long journey.  Sending your child off to college is not only a blessing, but a wonderful exciting moment for these two beautiful young women.

Yolanda Foster

At the end of this episode, we see Ken and Lisa leaving for the dreaded party we will see next week,  in the finale.  Just from the body language alone we see Ken is frazzled and irritated.  Lisa knows he doesn’t want to go, and Ken mentions after that last time with HER friends.  Lisa’s responds “they are your friends too.”  Ken slays back, “they were.” Ken set the line, and doesn’t want “friends” to speak to his wife that way.

Will these ladies collide at the party and ever speak again?  Will Brandi ever separate her friendships with an employee of her friend?  Will Lisa finally say how hurt she is? Will Ken see to the Mayor throwing them out of the party?

To get these answers and more tune into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Season Finale!

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