Is Phaedra Parks Being Investigated By The Feds?

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Phaedra ParksOn Friday, reported that the U.S. Attorney of Georgia has launched a federal probe into star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks allege criminal past. According to SR, the U.S. Attorney’s office will grant “someone” immunity from prosecution for their testimony against Mrs. Phaedra “Southern Belle” Parks.  The source also said that Parks “will likely be prosecuted” on racketeering and conspiracy charges.

If you recall, Parks was accused of being the mastermind behind her husband’s car theft ring and insurance fraud scam. The accusations were made by Parks old party pal and BFF, Angela Stanton.

The claims asserted in Angela Stanton’s scandalous book, “Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil,” claim Parks was knowledgeable and took part in the racketeering  and insurance fraud with husband, Apollo Nida back in 2004.

Phaedra-Parks-Angela-StantonIronically, Angela Stanton’s attorney, James Radford recently filed a motion against Phaedra, on defamation claims made by the RHOA star. All the evidence that has developed in the case, substantiates Ms. Stanton’s claims against Phaedra. Mrs. Parks has done nothing to disprove, Ms. Stanton’s allegations. Phaedra has even refused to give a deposition in the case. Rules of court procedure vary by state but as an officer of the court, Mrs. Park’s refusal to be deposed bears consequences.

If Phaedra was innocent of the claims made by Ms. Stanton why is she refusing to be deposed knowing the consequences for her actions?

Unfortunately for Phaedra, there is no statute of limitations on serious felonies. Even if they were committed eons ago. In addition, the clock is ticking only during the time that a suspect remains in the state where the crime was committed and has a fixed place of residence or work. Even if a case is classified as “stale,” prosecutors are within full legal right to pursue a case against Ms. Parks (if they choose to).

Apparently, prosecutors have witnesses, currently incarcerated who will possibly testify against Parks in return for a reduction of their sentences, according to SR.

Things are not looking good for Mrs. Southern Belle!

Stay tuned for more details as this story unfolds.

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