CountDown To LockDown — Teresa Giudice Fraud Watch

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Let All About The Tea be your headquarters for the Teresa Giudice Fraud Case.  Please refer to the site as a centralized location to acquire information regarding the Giudice’s criminal proceedings. Use this thread to ask all your questions. Feel free to vent, make inquiries, asks legal questions. All questions will be answered.


UPDATE  [As of Monday, March 3,  7:50 p.m. CST]


  • Scheduled appearance court time at 10:30 a.m on Tuesday, March 4th
  • Teresa and Joe will both plead Guilty to Fraud with restitution/fines
  • Miles Feinstein, Joe Giudice’s attorney confirmed the couple is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, March 4th
  • Joe will plead Guilty to Class D Felonies
  • Teresa will plead guilty to Class E Felonies
  • Teresa will plead guilty to 4 charges, including at least one count of fraud
  • Teresa is facing 2-5 years  prison sentence
  • The timing of the plea agreement comes in conjunction with the conclusion of RHONJ season 6 filming
  • Teresa delayed reaching a plea agreement to avoid Bravo cameras from capturing court proceedings and it’s subsequent fallout.
  • Judge Salas will conduct sentencing at a later sentencing hearing date (separate)
  • When Bravo was made aware of the reached plea agreement, their response was “No comment.”
  • The plea deal will not keep Joe from being deported
  • Joe is  not a US citizen and will likely be deported back to Italy, after conviction, INS has the final decision





Questions / Answers:

Can a Federal judge handle a STATE DUI?

Judge Esther Salas is the federal judge presiding over Tre & Joe’s federal case. Her jurisdiction is over federal cases only. Joe’s DMV’s case is a State case and is still being handled by the State. Once Joe is convicted and sentenced to let’s say 10 years and starts serving his federal time. Once the state DMV case is called to trial, Joe will be pulled out of federal prison to stand trial for the State case. If he is convicted in the state case and sentenced to 5 years (hypothetically) he will continue to serve his federal time first then will serve the state time behind the federal time.

If FED accepts his plea, he’ll serve 10 yrs then serve 10 for DUI & such?

It’s likely, he’ll serve his federal time first then the State DMV charges after. Sentencing in the the federal fraud case won’t happen on Tuesday. It will take place at a sentencing hearing 4-8 months from Tuesday.

If FED judge AGREES with their plea then Joe don’t spend any time for his dui’s and such? Correct?

Regardless of what the outcome is on Tuesday in the federal fraud case, Joe will still have to stand trial for his DMV state case. The plea agreement reached in the federal fraud case is separate from the state case and judgement in each case are not related.

Will Joe be Deported?

The plea deal will not keep Joe from being deported. Joe is  not a US citizen and will likely be deported back to Italy, after conviction, INS has the final decision.

Time of hearing? And how will we know outcome? Follow you like glue??? I need a live stream?

The outcome of Tuesday’s proceedings will not be televised. Cameras are not allowed in federal court rooms. But I am working with sources close to the case and will keep everyone up-to-date with the latest news. Both on here and Twitter.

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