Shahs Of Sunset Reunion Recap [Parts 1 & 2]

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Shahs of Sunset

Our glorious Shahs of Sunset cast walk into a Persian feast, a smiling gracious host Andy Cohen, and a waiter that the whole group approves of.  As the group settles into conversation tension is felt immediately. Andy first must attend to the buttery chocolate croissant sitting on the center of the table.  Mike had a quick response to gleefully take a bite from the buttery chocolate croissant professing his love to MJ.


Lilly’s birthday party is next on the menu, and it opens a can of worms when this season Lilly was throwing a huge bash at the famous $60 million dollar Mohamed Hadid mansion.  Mohammed’s house literally might have gotten more airtime than our favorite flower, Lilly Ghalichi.  We heard, Lilly try to defend her actions, explaining that a formal sit down dinner requires her just to simply RSVP.  Lilly feels in not doing the RSVP, MJ set the wheels in motion for disaster. Most of Lilly’s disappointment lies behind the dinner party, where not one of her “friends”, stood up for her.  Asa wants Lilly to be real, without the hair and lashes. Lilly without her hair and lashes, is like Asa without gold jewelry. Mike feels that Lilly doesn’t consider them as friends.  Reza danced in circles trying to explain why they weren’t friends anymore. What I found most interesting during this exchange is, the group as a whole ignores the fact that the dislike MJ had for Lilly spread like wildfire throughout this Persian protective clan.  Simply put Lilly was so used to the constant digs from MJ, that to her, the lack of a simple RSVP she took as yet another dig.

Shah's of Sunset

Andy asked MJ if she was she sorry for breaking “G” code by telling GG’s boyfriend of her make out session with Shayan? MJ responds with a half apology that is carefully worded.   Voices get raised once again between these two, as the real issue bleeds out of the conversation.  GG and MJ weren’t getting along, and GG found it shady to have a close friendship with Layla, GG’s sister. As we all know the tension with GG and her sister is rocky at best.  When Andy announces to the group that Layla is there at the reunion and brings her on stage, GG immediately walks off the set to a sideline producer, and requests a cocktail. Maybe the staff didn’t want a sudden appearance of Lochnesa. Layla, and finally GG join the group and the real fireworks begin.  GG tells Andy she doesn’t associate with fame whores.  Layla admits that GG feels wronged for the growing friendship with MJ. Layla swears she never meant to hurt her sister with her friendship with MJ.  The bottom line is GG is feeling very threatened that her sister wants to be on the show.  The tongue lashing between GG and Layla, denotes a flare of jealousy and flat out sibling rivalry.  Andy, the PC host, has both of the ladies say something they love about each other. You just got to love Andy and his positive reinforcement that is usually successful in children.

Mike and Reza then get into a heated debate about the friendship and the partnership. Reza claims Mike doesn’t want to work, and Mike says that Reza wasn’t there to be a partner in the first place.  Mike tells Andy,  Reza is a backstabber at times, and the trust factor is completely gone. When a shocked Andy asked Reza if the friendship could be mended again, Reza says no very quickly. We see the pain in both of their eyes as they love each other but don’t feel they can ever trust each other again.


Reza saying the “f” word to Sasha Salehi’s brother at Club Nur, was shocking to say the least. Whatever your sexual preference, I noticed a very strong reaction from the fans on this issue.  Listen I love Reza, but on this one I felt a strong moral dismay for not only the word being used, but also watching a gay man out another gay man so publicly in a heated debate.  We saw that Reza, our lovable teddy bear, turned into a momma lion when confronted with his own human frailty.  Most of Reza’s years alive he has been here, in the United States of America, in Beverly Hills where the Persian population has increased over the last 30 years.

We find ourselves on the magic carpet ride with the majority of the group going to the spiritual pilgrimage to Istanbul, Turkey. The Shahs are in support of Asa and her mother reuniting with relatives that live in Iran.  That scene brought me to tears.  To see the hugs and kisses of precious family members is priceless.  This trip for the group had varied effects on everyone. Mike being raised Jewish, had mixed feelings, which was evident by his body language.  Watching that episode made me grateful that here in the land of the free, we are given freedom’s here that are not universally shared throughout the world.  For someone that wakes up every morning to the sound of the National Anthem, I am reminded everyday of our country’s liberties, is why so many people seek  a better life, laced in Freedom.


The group is once again shocked when Andy slips in Vita with the drama.  From the beginning Miss Vita is really rough around the edges.  We watch MJ’s face freeze with fear for what her mother might say.  Well Miss Vita doesn’t disappoint.  She whams MJ at the earliest given opportunity.  From the way she is dressed, to finding out on national television that she wasn’t planned. Andy tries his best to coach Vita for lovable compliments towards MJ.  It was painful to watch this mother-daughter scene, to which this viewer felt empathy for MJ.  Then we wonder why MJ drinks and lies about her age.

shahs-of-sunset-season-3-vidas-fashion-advice (1)
All the Shahs, in the final scenes show a sincere love for each other.  Through all the tears, screaming, and fighting, our beloved Shahs continue to make us laugh and reflect on ourselves.


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