Breaking News: Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Stars Teresa & Joe Giudice Close to Plea Deal In Fraud Case

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 Teresa Giudice

In another installment of the Fraudice Crookbook, Teresa Giudice “star” of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and her nefarious co-conspirator hubby, Joe Giudice are working with the U.S. Attorney’s office to solidify a plea deal.

Reports are floating around that lawyers for the couple are near solidifying a plea deal. The plea deal stipulates, Joe will serve a minimum of five years in federal prison while Teresa will get at a maximum of five years probation. In addition, the couple will have to pay up to $11 million in restitution and, Joe will not be deported.

Supposedly, Joe’s attorney previously offered the court a plea deal with a similar a request. That plea deal provided that the couple would both plead “guilty,” Joe would serve all the prison time for both and Teresa would get probation. In addition to paying fines and penalties. Allegedly, that plea deal was previously denied by the prosecutor.  The prosecutor’s office stated the only plea deal they would accept is extensive prison time for both, purportedly. Approximately,  90% of federal cases end in conviction by plea deal. Clearly Joe’s legal defense filed the motion to separate trials as a tactical maneuver to delay the trial, scheduled to start in April.

In July 2013, The federal government indicted Teresa and Joe Giudice on 41-counts of fraud. The couple are facing a multitude of very serious charges which can result in 50 year prison sentence each. A summary of their charges are as follows:

1) Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud: The indictment states that between 2001-2008, using the U.S. mail, private carriers and wire communications, they defrauded 7 different banks and mortgage lenders.

2) Bank Fraud: The indictment states 5 banks were defrauded by submitting applications with false tax returns, pay stubs, and W-2s that gave false salaries and income. It’s being allege, the couple stole over $5 million from various banks.

3) Loan Application Fraud: For making false statements in those bank loan applications

4) Bankruptcy Fraud: Concealment, False Oaths, False Declarations. These are 22 different counts alone. In essence, they lied to the BK courts (under oath) about their finances. Knowingly filed false documents to conceal their income. That’s perjury. By the way, Teresa and Joe never withdrew their bankruptcy, the courts denied their petition on suspicion of fraud.

5) Failure to Make Tax Returns: These counts are all against Joe, and claim he didn’t file tax returns from 2004-2008.

The following statement from the government documents explicitly names Teresa’s direct involvement in the fraud. As well as indicate, Joe’s ex-lawyer and ex-business partner Joe Mastropole are working with the government.

It has long been known to both the government and the defense that in some instances the Giudices obtained fraudulent mortgage loans in Teresa’s name by having someone else sign for Teresa at closing . However, it is also true that the Giudices obtained many other fraudulent mortgage loans with Teresa’s direct participation, including instances in which Teresa signed the fraudulent loan documents herself, and it is on the basis of those loans that she is charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and loan application fraud on the indictment.

Their goose is cooked. I HIGHLY doubt the U.S. Attorney’s office will let the couple off lightly. The above allege plea deal is a cat walk and the only feasible way for the deal to be accepted is if the Giudice’s can snitch on “bigger fish” to garner the feds a bigger case. That is the ONLY POSSIBLE way.

ReportedlyJoe and Teresa are scheduled to appear in federal court on Tuesday and the judge will decide whether or not to accept the plea deal at that time.

All About The Tea is following this case closely. Stay tuned.

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