Is Jeff Lewis Ready To Start A Family?

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Jeff Lewis

[pullquote]I’ll probably have a baby before Gage and I get married[/pullquote]

There’s already one baby on board the Flipping Out family, and it sounds like another addition may not be too far behind!

Our favorite dog father and designer Jeff Lewis took time to nix marriage rumors to his longtime partner Gage Edward, but hinted that they may be getting baby fever instead.

“We’ll probably have a baby before we get married.  That’s been more of our focus,” he tells the current issue of TV Guide.

Flipping Out returns for Season 7 on March 5th at 10pm. And despite experiencing a rough patch in their friendship last season, Jeff and Jenni Pulos have overcome and managed to make it through unscathed.

“We lost our way, but we’ve gotten back home. There isn’t the drama of Jenni and me trying to kill or sue each other anymore. The issues we have now are with clients. It’s all the good, funny stuff.”

You can also expect to see some new faces—even if it is brief. “Every season there’s turnover, but this season in particular there was a lot,” Jeff said. “Three new employees came in, and two quit. It’s not the easiest place to work.” Let’s just hope he handles the pressure a little better than last season.

Also be prepared to witness some A-list clientele this season, as Jeff takes on Mark-Paul Gosselaar and CSI‘s George Eads’ homes. (Wonder if they’ll challenge him as much as this former client?)

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