The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Lines In The Sand [Episode 17]

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As the episode begins, all the woman proceed on a vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico to relax, and declare war on Lisa Vanderpump. On the bus ride to the beautiful Las Casitas Village, we already hear Brandi once again, claim she needs to have a discussion with Lisa before her head implodes. Yolanda and Brandi share some wine over complaining that Lisa is not a true friend to either of them. A growing theme with these two ladies.

The next day the group goes to the beach, sunshine at first, then the cloud starts to loom over the group as Yolanda confronts Lisa about how she flipped , stopped calling Brandi, and then threw a birthday party for Mauricio. Yolanda doesn’t confront Lisa on her own personal issues she may have with her. Apparently these woman are now in the high school again. This scene was straight out of a cross between Carrie and Mean Girls.

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Lisa visibly upset, stands up and walks away. Telling Ken she wanted to go because the women are mean. Ken, our superhero in this episode, immediately defends his wife as the two are watching the group talk badly about her. Kim interjects how Lisa is not her friend. Well it’s not a shocker to the viewers that Kim has some unclear issues with Lisa as well. Then Brandi seizing the moment, tells Kyle that when the group was going to Palm Springs, Lisa insisted Brandi put her copy of the cheating rumor magazines in her luggage. Almost outright saying, Lisa wanted me to bring the magazines to rip Kyle apart. According to Brandi this action alone, if it happened, should scream to Kyle that Lisa is Dr. Evil and isn’t a real friend.


The situation turns ugly when Yolanda then goes over to Ken and Lisa to engage in a tactical verbal assault after Ken asked why she would bring it up when they were having a good time. To which Yolanda feels the need to pretty much tell Ken its none of his business. Can’t say I blame Ken for making it very clear, Lisa is his wife and no one will tell him who to be friends with. Honorable Ken is a great example out there for all men. Women love a man that will defend us!

Sadly, the tune changes to a sweet healing scene with Joyce and her family, since her father passed away. Losing a parent is never easy. Joyce has the love and support of all the cast. Joyce steered clear of all the drama, which was the best thing for her and her family.

rhobhLater, before nightfall, the majority of the group is now very upset about this tabloid-gate situation. Brandi claims that Lisa has plotted to hurt her in every way. According to Brandi, Lisa put Scheana Marie in her face to hurt her and get press for herself. Scheana had already been working for Lisa for years prior to Brandi coming on the show. Brandi says, in a private interview, that Lisa used her.  Something has clearly changed with Brandi’s acceptance and approval of Scheana working for Lisa. The fun continues when Brandi actually tells Lisa to take a lie detector test. As if that’s even plausible or productive at all.

Finally, we see the group sit down for dinner with gazed eyes and uncomfortable silence until Kyle asks Lisa about tabloid-gate. Lisa strongly disagrees with Brandi about the whole magazine-in-the- luggage drama. Kim yells at Ken clarify that Lisa told Brandi to put the trash rags in her bag. Kim screams, she is tired of his god-damn mouth, and that Ken is a big, stubborn, old man. In proving Lisa’s evil ways, Kim claims Lisa didn’t go to her daughters graduation, when Lisa and Ken were in Missouri, at a Alopecia charity event. After all these exchanges Ken and Lisa stand up and walk out of the dinner.


As the couple returns to their room, we see Lisa in tears about how the group all ganged up on her and she was hurt the most by Brandi. When we see Ken and Lisa smoking a cigarette, you know it must have been ugly from start to finish. Wonder if the ladies planned this attack, or if one helped the other to voice long standing resentments they all have with Lisa? Either way you look at it, Ken did the right thing to protect his wife, Brandi has displaced anger towards the mistress, instead of the cheater, and mostly the group will never be the same after this vacation.

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Stay tuned for next week’s Episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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