Porsha (Stewart) Williams Spills The Tea On Her Mystery Boyfriend

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Porsha Stewart

Porsha (Stewart) Williams may have ended 2013 single but she began 2014 as “unavailable.”

It seems the Real Housewives of Atlanta beauty has left Kordell Stewart and her nasty divorce drama in 2013. The Atlanta “housewife” sat down with OK! Magazine and spilled the tea on her new mystery man. Porsha told the magazine, she’s met a special someone “He’s well-known, so I’m being cautious.” Hmmmm…I wonder who “he” might be?

This is a big difference from last month when she told The Dish, “I’m just having a good time right now. I’m having fun, feeling free-spirited. Some people are getting more attention than others, however I’m keeping my options open.”

However, Porsha now seems to be narrowing in on one special man. “He’s someone very special,” she says. “He’s standing out from the pack right now. We’ll see how that turns out.”

Porsha promises her divorce from Kordell Stewart “didn’t change what I want out of life…I’m a hopeless romantic!” Still, it’s safe to bet she will approach her new relationship differently.

[pullquote]“Never lose yourself in love. It’s okay to love a man, but it’s better to love yourself more, and you need to always stay focused on your goals,” she says. “You can be independent and still believe in love. ”[/pullquote]

Porsha is busy recording her first single “Flatline” which is soon to be released. “It’s really kind of a documentary of everything that I went through to become who I am now,” she told the Dish. “It’s emotional and it’s me really being vulnerable and just saying the things that a lot of people feel when you have a heartache and break up with someone.”

She’s also performed the track for Kandi Burruss, who gave her a few pointers. “She did stop by the studio once or twice while I was working on a couple songs and gave me a few angles and pointers,” says Porsha. “She was such a great friend—pushing me and telling me she believed in me. She was very encouraging.”

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