Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Twirling With The Enemy [Episode 16]

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Last week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore held a gala in honor of  NeNe to benefit, Saving Our Daughter’s charity. Needless to say, things didn’t go so well. NeNe brought Nay-Nay out to play (her ghetto alter-ego), Peter and Nene battled for the HBIC title, Cynthia and Peter had a falling out over the event and overall it was a disaster.

The episode begins with NeNe discussing Kenya’s masquerade ball. She’s still shocked about what happened at the gala and says “Nay-Nay” was about to come out. NeNe also says Peter was giving her “bitch-assness” because he expressed his disappointment in her behavior. If your not kissing Nay-Nay’s butt, then you’re not her friend. We’ll get to that later in the recap. Reflecting on the event, Cynthia tells Mal, she wished Peter had stayed out of the women’s business and not say anything to Nene.

The new inseparable BFF’s, Marlo and Kenya meet for lunch. Out of the clear blue, Marlo and Kenya have become best friends. Anyone else finding this smash-up strange? Kenya describes Nene’s diva antics at the ball and Marlo promises to smooth things over with her at Peter’s party.


Meanwhile, Cynthia throws a surprise Jamaican-themed birthday party for Peter. Rum punch and reggae band included. Nice job Cynthia! NeNe arrives fashionably late wearing a Ronald McDonald grimace and George Washington toupee. Peter approaches Nene and “attempts” to cool the tensions from the previous night but Nene “Ice Queen” Leakes is not having any of it. She rolls her eyes at Peter’s peace offering nd barely reciprocates. The nerve of Nene to treat Peter like that at his own party.


The shade throwing by Nene didn’t stop there, up next for a heaping serving of shade is Kenya Moore.  Kenya attempts to apologize  and fix the situation with NeNe. NeNe’s body language says “girl please”  and “shady boots” she’s giving Kenya MAJOR shade.  Nene again blames Kenya for the pillow party and Kenya apologizes AGAIN. Basically Nene wants Kenya to kiss her ass. They part on a half hearted hug.


The party goes on and NeNe is still acting like a spoiled brat. She chooses to sit by Kandi. Marlo and Kenya are acting like bestie’s giggling and carrying on like Nene is not there. Nene is pissed and can’t handle the new friendship brewing between #TeamTwirl. So she does like most spoiled brats do when they’re not getting the attention the want…she abruptly leaves.  I guess Nene only wants everyone to be her friend only and not friends with each other. Are we back in junior high?

Next, NeNe gives Porsha acting advice in preparation of role in Kandi’s play. The conversation then turns to Marlo and NeNe recalls when Diane called Marlo and opportunist and agrees.

Finally, Cynthia’s fitness-focused Bailey Bowl which is essentially a Field Day for adults begins. And she’s not kidding; she’s got these grown folks three-legged racing and wearing matching t-shirts. It may have been a touch triggering for those of us who were more, ahem, Participant-ribbon-inclined as children, but you know who wasn’t one of those children? Kandi. All the women got to arrange their own teams; Team Kandi included a WWE wrestler and an Olympic gold medalist. But as it turned out, those skills didn’t parlay so well into the egg-in-spoon race. Who knew?


Team Rich is Nene’s team, Team Twirl is Kenya’s team and it’s Bravo’s version of the Bloods vs Crips. During the outside games, Marlo tries to joke with Nene but Nene is not having any of it. Nene totally disses Marlo and gives her the COLD shoulder. Marlo approaches Team Rich to ask why she wasn’t invited to be on the team that includes all of Nene’s other bridesmaids. Kenya sees this and drags Marlo away. Things get really heated hectic here but it seems like Kenya is taking Marlo over to Nene so they can talk things out. But Nene is less in a talking mood and more in a screaming “get the f–k off me, b–ch” and throwing water bottles mood.


That’s when things went to hell in hand basket in nano second and NeNe quickly chucked the deuces and was Splitsville. Marlo did not let Nene go in peace, she chased her and read her for filth with classics like “Donald Trump Weave.” With that,  the Bailey Bowl came to an abrupt end. How tragic!


Next week on RHOA: The group heads to Mexico. Peter is still getting in grown women’s business and Apollo seems to be up to no good with Kenya.   Greg lays hands on Peter. Sounds like “Pillow Talk” part 2.

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