Bethenny Frankel Is Relieved Her Talk Show Is Canceled

Posted on Feb 25 2014 - 11:21am by Avigail

Bethenny Frankel

It was revealed that Bethenny Frankel’s talk show “Bethenny” would be canceled after one season. The show struggled to grow its audience and poor feedback from critiques.

Beyond a short statement, in which she thanked fans for their support, in an emotional open letter she posted on her website, the Skinny Girl mogul says goodbye, shares why she’s “relieved” the show isn’t returning. Read the full statement below:

Well this is an open letter, so maybe you have heard the news. “Bethenny” won’t be coming back for another season.

People ask me how I feel about this, so I wanted to share it with you straight up.

What I love about doing my talk show is connecting to women. I love the opportunity to inspire, to be inspired and to be able to help women to be their best, succeed and feel better about themselves.

I also love working with such an incredibly talented and hard working staff and crew. Unlike working with my assistant, daughter and Cookie in my apartment, I interact with hundreds of people every day. I see a unique cast of characters and those days are filled with laughter.

The most difficult part of this departure was having to tell them that they were out of a job although they know it is part of the career path they have chosen. Even more amazing is how professional they are and how despite the cancellation, every day they come in wanting to produce the best shows they can. I have heard horror stories about the end of a show run where the staff checks out completely. They take pride in this work and this show and they are finishing as strong as we started. That is inspiring to me.

My friend Robert Verdi described doing a talk show better than anyone. Before we started, he told me, “You are a traffic cop.” What he meant was that to guide the amazing interviews, business segments and relationship talk, you are directing traffic. “Coming up,” “When we come back,” “Up next,” and the list goes on and on.

In order to have the freedom to create a talk show, there are required elements that the job entails. This is the part that I didn’t enjoy so much and that wasn’t authentic to me. In addition, I tend to be quite inappropriate which may not be suitable for daytime television or for the suits that run network television nationwide.

Unlike my time on Bravo, I felt a bit diluted, filtered and somewhat constricted. I am a free spirit. My late father (a horse trainer) used to say “She is a mustang. You need to let her run.” I am more comfortable in my natural surroundings and in a setting where I’m surrounded by crazy, where anything goes and where I can be authentically me. When interviewed about the show, I always said that it could only work if I was true to myself and only if it was genuinely a good fit and marriage which it turned out not to be.

I am so grateful for the experience and to those of you who went on this journey with me. It was fun, exciting, scary and a great challenge.

As easy as people like Ellen, Oprah, Wendy, Rachael and Steve make it look, it is one of the hardest jobs I have ever done, and I have so much more respect for them having been through this experience. They are warriors and champions who make a very difficult job look effortless.

So to answer how I feel, I am relieved. What I really want right now is to be with my daughter, to do yoga, to focus on Skinnygirl and my writing, and to give myself a break. I have been striving and climbing and white-knuckling for so long that I need a rest from the grind. I’m a little over myself and wouldn’t blame anyone else for being over me as well.

I love you all and we will be in touch as we always were. Thank you for always being there.


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  • Babson_Chick

    Well, I think most of us are relieved more so!!!!! Watched it once and couldn’t handle her voice or attitude – Game Over!! I too wish she had stayed at her more comfortable setting (like the stables/fields where she would feel at home!!)

    • WestCoastFeed

      I tried to watch it once but that voice drove me away fast.

      • Babson_Chick

        Yes – scary experience!!

  • WestCoastFeed

    Just judging from their tweeting, the Wakiles of NJ were frequent guests on the show. Bethenny’s booking agent, MarigoPR, is a friend of theirs, so it was natural she would book them. But did it get to the point that the Wakiles were last resort guests? Because no one else was interested in appearing?

    • Soncie22

      Hey WCF!! Fancy meeting you here–how are you, my friend? I use to tape the Bethenny show, and only recall seeing the Wakiles once..(shrugs shoulders) perhaps they appeared on days I had the good sense not to record the show? Anywho, I actually liked the show, but I do agree with you about B’s could be a bit grating. All-in-all Bethenny helped ALOT of women struggling be it in business, or in one woman’s case, her house burnt..burned? to the ground, and it wasn’t even her fault. Oh well, at least Kris Jenner’s off the talk show circuit..

  • Soncie22

    Y’all can say what you want about Bethenny, but I actually enjoyed her talk had an interesting combination of entertainment, enlightenment, and education, all focused on women and our issues..So sad to hear the show is canceled.. On the bright side, Kris Jenner’s show is canceled too!’s the little things.

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