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Posted on Feb 24 2014 - 10:22am by Editor

Sandy MaloneWe are super excited to  introduce Sandy Malone, celebrity columnist to All About The Tea. Join me in welcoming Sandy to the team!

Sandy Malone is the star of TLC’s reality show “Wedding Island” and a regular blogger for The Huffington Post. She’s the owner of Weddings in Vieques, a successful Caribbean destination wedding planning company based on tiny Vieques Island, seven miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. She also owns Weddings in Culebra, Flowers in Vieques and Boutique in Vieques.

Sandy has been blogging for seven-plus years on her own site, but she’s also featured regularly on Purple Unions “Gay Marriage Watch,” Wedding Wire’s “Wedding Aces” and “Pridezillas.” She’s appeared numerous times on HuffPostLive and does other television and radio appearances as an expert on all things wedding, from destination planning wediquette. In fact, she’s known as the “Queen of Gay Wediquette” in reputable gay and lesbian wedding planning circles.

Prior to wedding planning, Sandy had a career in public relations and government affairs in Washington, DC, where her husband was a SWAT commander. Bill Malone retired as a police captain when they moved to Vieques Island to open the wedding planning business. Sandy’s degree is in Journalism from The Ohio State University, and she holds two ‘Marks of Excellence’ from the Society of Professional Journalists in Spot News and Investigative Reporting. Sandy became Managing Editor of Campaigns & Elections Magazine within a year of graduation, and then moved to New York to write the Politics.Net column for the Wall Street Journal.

Sandy’s experience in reality television, event planning, lobbying and general mayhem-causing make her an absolute authority on whatever she chooses to write about. You can follow more of her snark on Twitter @SandyMalone_ or laugh at her on YouTube  and Facebook.

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  • noarguingwithstupid

    Welcome, Sandy!!! Glad to have you!!!

  • All About The Tea

    Welcome Sandy!! We are *super* excited to have you on the team.

    • Thanks for this fun opportunity! It’s nice to blog about something other than weddings once in awhile. 🙂

  • WestCoastFeed

    Welcome, This is such good news, Looking forward to reading your blogs.

  • Dr Seuss

    Welcome, Sandy!!! This is AWESOME news!

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    Yeah – another STAR is in the house – welcome!!

    • Very excited to be here with you guys — keep an eye out for more blogs!

      • Babson_Chick

        We’re ready for you to Bring It!!!

  • twifan2

    Welcome Sandy! 🙂
    Looking forward to your blogs! 🙂

  • Happywife

    Good job, All About The Tea. Welcome Sandy.

  • ZammyB

    Never heard of you but looking forward to reading your blogs! 🙂

    • Thanks! If you’re interested, check out http://www.SandyMalone.com or follow me on Twitter @SandyMalone_ — I also have columns in the HuffPost a couples of times a week. Oh, and I was the star of TLC’s “Wedding Island” reality show last year. 🙂

  • hardtimz

    Oh boy can’t wait for you to spill THE TEA all over the table:):):):):):):):)

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    Ice cream and cake and cake, Ice cream and cake and cake!

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      Very impressive!

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    Welcome n very impressive resume. Good for this site.