RHOA: Is Kenya Moore Leaving Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

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Kenya Moore, star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta did a recent interview with OK Magazine and discussed her unhappiness this season on the show. From the nasty brawl that took place during the “Pillow Talk” episode to her beef with Nene Leakes surrounding the masquerade ball. Miss Moore expressed possibly quitting the show. Kenya indicated she’s exhausted of being the group’s punching bag.

“If Bravo asked me to come back, I’d have to really think about it”

“Right at this moment, it’s a very tough question”

It seems this season has been a rough one for Miss Twirl and the pressure from her co-stars are getting to her on a personal level.

“I don’t want you to take that the wrong way, because I’m nobody’s victim and never will be. But at some point you want people to put aside their differences and back you up because it’s the right thing to do”

Seems as though all of her costars are blaming the former beauty queen for everything from global warming to the toilet debacle at the Olympics.

“I will never shrink in the presence of anyone”

“If that is what they would like me to do so they can feel more comfortable around me, it will never happen. You have to just be you and never shrink who you are for anybody”

As much as AATT is #TeamNobody and Kenya has done some things to piss people off, the show would be nothing without her. Miss Twirl has given RHOA “life” and revived the show. If Bravo lets Kenya walk away, they will surely be making a huge mistake.

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