EXCLUSIVE: Bethenny Frankel’s Behind The Scenes Antics That Lead To Her Cancellation

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 Bethenny Frankel

Prior to the horrid Bethenny show being canceled, there were plenty behind the scenes drama and shenanigans that would make your head spin. In a desperate attempt to save the disaster that was the Bethenny show, Telepictures (the production company that owned the show) moved the show to Bravo. Bravo would air repeat episodes of the daytime show at 6 p.m. to test that market. According to a source, the move infuriated the former Real Housewives of New York star because it forced her to have reality television celebs appear as guests on her show.

Although Frankel rose to fame through reality television ranks, she places herself above a “reality TV star” and refused to go the route of reality TV hustler talk show host. She wanted a legitimate talk show modeled after Rosie O’Donnell’s original talk show.


Frankel was in an executive meeting with Telepictures fuming about how the “Bethenny” show would not go back to Bravo or the way of Reality TV.

Allegedly, RadarOnline who has a strong advertising relationship with Bravo and promotes Bravo shows, decided out of the blue to go on a two week “I hate Bethenny” campaign. RadarOnline published scathing stories, trashing the Bethenny show daily and most days publishing twice a day, until Telepictures signed a contract with Bravo. Immediately after the contract signing, the RadarOnline hate campaign against the Bethenny show abruptly ended. When Bravo agreed to start airing the Bethenny talk show during  their 6 p.m. time slot, it was agreed with Telepictures that Frankel would have Bravo “stars” as guests on her show.  Allegedly, this infuriated Frankel as she never wanted to be a host of a reality talk show such as What What Happens Live. Miss Hoity-Toity thought she was above reality television nobodies.

Bethenny’s fate was sealed when affiliates started dropping the Bethenny show and opted to pick up the Meredith Vieira show instead. Telepictures Productions (Ellen Show, TMZ Live, Extra, Judge Mathis) announced that Bethenny Frankel talk show Bethenny will be canceled after one season, however, Bethenny will continue to air until later in spring 2014.

Hilary Estey McLoughlin from Telepictures Productions, operating as a label of Warner Bros. Television said on February 14, 2014:

“We are incredibly proud of the creativity, passion and professionalism Bethenny and her staff brought to daytime each and every day and look forward to finishing out the season with more great original episodes”

The former Real Housewives of New York star never really took off as a talk show host and complained that she never had the “A-List celebrity guests” that Ellen DeGeneres promised Bethenny.


Bethenny released a statement that said, “I had a blast doing this show with Telepictures, my entire staff worked so hard and made every day so much fun. I am thankful for the experience and for all my fans who tuned in every day.”

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