Brooklyn Tankard — Thicker Than Water Star Arrested

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thicker-than-water-the-tankards-season-1-whos-who-04Star of  Bravo’s Thicker Than Water,  Brooklyn Tankard was arrested for allowing her daughter to miss school and become a truant.

Brooklyn was stopped for a minor traffic offense and after a quick a license check, the officer discovered she had several warrants including one for “Failure to Cause Child to Attend School.”

The officer arrested Brooklyn on the spot.

She was quickly hauled off in handcuffs and taken to jail, they booked her and she was later released.

Queen Brooklyn as they affectionately called her on the show, allowed her daughter, Diamond, 10, to be absent 16 time and tardy 35 times.

This is not Brooklyn’s first time sitting in a jail cell. The Thicker Than Water star has actually been arrested 22 times, and you wont believe the charges!!!

Talk about lazy parenting!!

OMG!!! Truancy….Really Brooklyn???

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