LHHNY: Is Yandy’s Fiance Out of Prison?

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Yandy Smith

A few questions come to mind when I think about Mendeecee and Yandy’s relationship and his release from prison is not one of them. I’m not concerned with how he got out of prison or if he’s snitching on some “big” fish.

My question is…what was he doing for Yandy and his family before he went to prison?

As I recall, Yandy was the one who was looking for a new house for the “family” before he went to prison. Mendeecee was pressuring Yandy to move out of her mother’s house. He would make comments like “you’re a grown woman living with your mama.” Excuse me Mendeecee but weren’t you the one living off of Yandy?? What did you own besides the clothes on your back?

Yandy paid all the bills and provided Mendeecee with a comfy place to live. Not to mention, she proposed, payed bills and lawyer fees, and calls his son (by another woman) her son. That man must be putting it DOWN GOOD!!

Giiiiiirl….He didn’t seduce you. He put it on you!! I need a male version of Yandy! I need a man to do all the stuff she’s doing for that man!

I’d be on Twitter too, bragging and toasting to my freedom with champagne if I had it made like Mendeecee. He’s got it made with his sugah mama for life.  Gooo onnn Mandeecee!! Go on boy!


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