‘Jerseylicious’ Star Tracy DiMarco’s Husband Arrested For Selling Drugs

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Jerseylicious star Tracy DiMarco’s husband, Corey Epstein was arrested in January among 24 people — 21 were indicted and three others will soon be charged — swept up in a 16-month probe dubbed “Silent Hill,” authorities said.

Corey Epstein is accused of selling Oxycodone pills outside his New Springville home to an undercover cop Jan. 2, 2014.

Corey Epstein, 23, could not be reached for comment, but his wife of five months brushed the charges aside, saying:

“The only thing my husband is guilty of is having a prescription”

Tracy DiMarco, 26, who sizzles on the cable docu-soap that chronicles life in a New Jersey hair salon. “We know the truth will come out.”

Tracy DiMarco said a friend of Epstein’s hit him up for some oxy, saying he had an arm injury, then cooperated with cops.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said the dealing “spanned across multiple neighborhoods on Staten Island and seeped into parks and areas near playgrounds and schools where innocent children would gather.”

Epstein made headlines last year when he reportedly got a $900,000 judgment for injuries he said he suffered in a Tribeca bar trying to break up a fight between two women.

Epstein is a recurring character in Jerseylicious. The sixth season of the show, which includes the marriage of Epstein and Dimarco, was due to air on the Style Network this year, but the network has been rebranded as the Esquire Network, which will not be running the show.

Tracy believes that her husband and the show are receiving disproportionate attention compared to other suspects.

In a phone interview with the Advance, Tracy DiMarco-Epstein expressed her concern, stating, “There’s bigger, better fish to fry. Every article is Jerseylicious, Jerseylicious.”

While Tracy commended District Attorney Daniel Donovan for his efforts in targeting drug dealers, she maintained that her husband’s possession of oxycodone was legitimate. She explained that Corey had acquired the medication legally due to a severe injury he suffered in a 2009 bar brawl, which left him with a lifelong leg injury.

“He has a lifelong injury on his leg, and that’s why he has possession of it… His possession of the pill is through a doctor,” she emphasized.

She made similar remarks in a conversation on Instagram:

“I’m happy Donovan is trying to get everything cleared up and drugs off the street I’ve never done and never will do any sort of drug I don’t even smoke cigarettes or weed . I’m very straight edged & I am supportive of what he’s trying to do however I don’t think Corey’s face and name should be splashed across the magazines tabloids & newspapers just bc he’s on a show it makes him look like he ran a cartel or something it’s INSANE !!”

Regarding the future of Jerseylicious, Tracy revealed that the sixth season, which features her wedding to Epstein last summer, has already been filmed. However, its fate remains uncertain due to the transition from the Style Network, which aired the first five seasons, to the Esquire Network.


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